Genetic disorders

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Can you inherit disorders?
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What is polydactyly?
When a baby is born with extra fingers or toes.
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What is it caused by?
Caused by a dominant allele of a gene and can therefore be passed on by only one parent who has the disorder
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Will the parent that has the defective allele be a sufferer or a carrier and Why?
Parent will be a sufferer because the allele is dominant.Therefore if one parent has the domiant allele thers a 50% chance the chld will ahev
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What is cystic Fibrosis?
What is cystic Fibrosis? It’s a genetic disorder of the cell membranes. It results in the body producing a lot of thich sticky mucus in the air passages and in the pancreas. Tha allele which causes the diorde is recesive. Therefore ep[opel with only
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For a child to have the disorder ...
both parents must be either carriers or sufferes. 1 in 4 chance of child having disorder if both parents are carriers
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Embryos can be screened for…
the alleles that cause these and other genetic disorders.
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Ecomomical Arguments against Embryo Screening?
Screening is expensive
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Ethial arguments against embryo screening?
It implies that people with genetic problems are 'undesirable'- this could increase prejudice. The rejected embryos are destroyed- they could have developed into humans.
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Social Arguments Against embryo screening?
Theere may come a point where everyone wants to screen tehir embryos so they can pick the most desirable one e.g. blue eyed baby boy
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Ecomomical Arguments for embryo screening?
Treating disorders costs the government and tax payers a lot of money.
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Ethical Arguments for embryo screening?
During IVF, most of the embryos are destroyed anyway- screening just allows the selected ones to be healthy. It will help peopel stop suffereing
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Social Arguments for embryo screening?
There are laws to stop it going too far. At the moment parents cant select the sex of their baby unless its for health reasons.
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Some poople are okay with scrreing for cystic fibrosis but not polydactyly becuase...
polydactyly doesnt cause other problems so isnt life threatening.
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What is polydactyly?


When a baby is born with extra fingers or toes.

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What is it caused by?


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Will the parent that has the defective allele be a sufferer or a carrier and Why?


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What is cystic Fibrosis?


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