Embryonic Screening

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Embryonic Screening


  • It will help to stop people from suffering
  • There are laws in place to stop it from going to far. At the moment parents cannot even select the sex of their baby (unless it is for medical reasons)
  • During IVF, most of the embryos are destroyed anyway- screening just allows the selected one to be healthy
  • Treating disorders costs the Government (and the taxpayers) a lot of money


  • There may come a point when everyone wants to screen their embryos so they can pick the most 'desirable' one, e.g. they want a blue-eyed, blond-haired, intelligent boy
  • The rejected embryos are destroyed-they could have developed into humans
  • It implies that people with genetic problems are 'undesirable'- this could increase prejudice
  • Screening is expensive


Overall most people believe that embryos should not be screening for genetic disorders that don't affect a person's health such as polydactyl but it should be the parents choice about what they think is best for their child


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