General Tourism

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1. What is economic leakage?

  • When a company is based in one country but has outlets all over the world
  • When hotels, attractions ect are owned by foreign companies and the profits end up abroad
  • When tourists spend money in a country and the locals then have more money
  • When tourists spend too much money
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2. Which of these is not a way technology has helped the tourism industry?

  • International transport is better, faster and cheaper
  • People want to go abroad because they know aeroplanes are becoming more eco-friendly
  • Internet booking is more accessible
  • Better healthcare makes it easier for people with illnesses/old people to go on holiday

3. How many people are employed full-time in the British tourism industry?

  • 5,000
  • 20,000
  • 1,500
  • 15,000

4. Which of these is not an attraction to city breaks?

  • History
  • Good weather
  • Culture
  • Designer brands

5. How many people does the Jamaican tourist industry employ?

  • 50,000
  • 220,000
  • 236,000
  • 100,000


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