Advantages and Disadvantages of Tourism

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Positive examples of tourism:

-         Economic


  • ·       Tourism creates jobs such as; working in resorts and theme parks, public transport, restaurants, cafes, shops, life guards (at beaches), hotel staff and many others.
  • ·       When tourists come and spend their money, it can be re-invested into building more theme parks, hotels and sport centres.
  • ·       The tourism industry also provides opportunities for small-scale business enterprises and generates extra tax revenues, such as airport and hotel taxes, which can be used for schools, housing and hospitals. 


  • ·       The improvements to infrastructure and new leisure facilities that result from tourism also benefit the local community.
  • ·       Interchanges between hosts and guests create a better cultural understanding.

- -Environmental


  • Helps promote conservation of wildlife and natural resources such as forests, as these are now regarded


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