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2. Deviancy Amplification - Wilkins - Crime is committed in response to action of rule enforcer of media

  • Interactionism
  • Marxism
  • Right Realism
  • Functionalism

3. OCS are not valid as too many crimes go unreported

  • Interpretivisits
  • Marxist
  • Interactionist
  • Feminist

4. Crime is commited due to emphasis on goals and no means to achieve them - Merton - Strain theory

  • Left Realists
  • Functionalism
  • Marxism
  • Neo-Marxism

5. Policing the crisis - Real causes of crime by capitalism not addressed dye to scapegoating - Taylor et al

  • Feminism
  • Neo-Marxism
  • Left Realism
  • Marxism



What a fantastic resource- easily the best on the whole site. I cannot thank you enough Courtney Horne. You are a marvel to the sphere of sociology. Thank you

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