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2. In which parliament are women significantly more likely to mention gender equality, family policy, care for the elderly, healthcare and social policy?

  • Swedish Riksdag
  • Norwegian Sortig
  • German Bundestag

3. In which parliament did women keep childcare coverage on the agenda despite strong disagreement between parties?

  • German Bundestag
  • Norwegian Sortig
  • Swedish Riksdag

4. What augments the effect of women in legislature's ability to bring their issues onto the agenda?

  • having a female organisation within the party
  • a critical mass of women

5. Who finds that the differences between womens' and mens' attitudes to gender equality are reproduced at mass level, and therefore women need descriptive representation?

  • Campbell, Childs and Lovenduski
  • Kittilson
  • Burns, Lehman and Verba


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