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1. Who finds that being the boss at home is politically empowering for husbands but has no effect on wives propensity to participate in politics?

  • Burns, Lehmand and Verba
  • Campbell, Childs and Lovenduski
  • Davis and Robinson
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2. What is the idea that those who are worse off for some reason are more conscious of the inequality than the advantaged called?

  • enlightenment thesis
  • underdog thesis
  • threat hypothesis
  • reproduction thesis

3. Who finds that the differences between womens' and mens' attitudes to gender equality are reproduced at mass level, and therefore women need descriptive representation?

  • Burns, Lehman and Verba
  • Campbell, Childs and Lovenduski
  • Kittilson

4. In which parliament did women keep childcare coverage on the agenda despite strong disagreement between parties?

  • Norwegian Sortig
  • Swedish Riksdag
  • German Bundestag

5. Which of these groups are comparatively favourable to reducing gender inequality?

  • husbands with dependent wives
  • well-educated people
  • young women
  • women with husbands in employment


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