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1. Which of these groups are comparatively favourable to reducing gender inequality?

  • husbands with dependent wives
  • young women
  • women with husbands in employment
  • well-educated people
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2. When is female descriptive representation the most important in the legislative process?

  • agenda-setting
  • voting for bills
  • committee stage

3. Who finds that being the boss at home is politically empowering for husbands but has no effect on wives propensity to participate in politics?

  • Burns, Lehmand and Verba
  • Campbell, Childs and Lovenduski
  • Davis and Robinson

4. Who finds that rising numbers of female MPs and members of NECs contributes to an emphasis on social justice and the adoption of gender quote policies?

  • Kittilson
  • Verba
  • Davis and Robinson
  • Campbell

5. Is the threat hypothesis that men don't want equality because they fear for their jobs true or false?

  • False
  • True


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