Great Gatsby Chapter 4

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almost a Roll call of the nation’s most wealthy and powerful people (shady characters) that attend Gatsby's party.

He then describes a trip that he took to New York with Gatsby to eat lunch. As they drive to the city, Gatsby tells Nick about his past, but his story seems highly improbable.

Gatsby then lists a long and preposterously detailed set of accomplishments; educated at oxford, scoured that cities of Europe for jewels and earned a medal in the war

produces a medal to dissuade his scepticism

passes valley of ashes to approach the 'white heaps and sugar lumps' of New york but also pass a dead mans hearse

Gatsby flashes a white card to the policeman who stops them for speeding

Meet Wolfsheim (fixed the 1919 world series) in the dingy dens of New york which suggest Gatsby's shady dealings with organized crime

Nick meets Jordan Baker, informs Nick of Gatsby and Daisy's past

Daisy Fay was a popular, beautiful girl from Louisville. attracted the attention of soldiers, one of them being Gatsby whom she fell in love with


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