AQA Paper 1 - Fundamentals of Programming


1. What is the advantage of coding for exception handling?

  • Makes the code run more efficiently
  • Makes it easier to read the code
  • Stops the code from crashing when something unexpected occurs
  • Makes the code easier to debug
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2. What is the advantage of using a named constant?

  • Makes the code more reusable
  • Makes the code consistent and easier to debug
  • Makes the code easier to run
  • Makes the code more efficient to run

3. What is a class?

  • A block of code that recalls itself and passes parameters to itself
  • An object with constants and recursive objects that can be assigned
  • An object with common characteristics or behaviours that can be assigned
  • A global variable

4. What is a float (real) ?

  • A pointer
  • A date/time
  • A decimal
  • A single character

5. What is a parameter?

  • Data assigned into a recursive program statement
  • Data passed into a subroutine
  • Data assigned to a global variable
  • Data passed into a nested loop constant


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