AQA COMP3 - Key Notes

An eight page document with information on every point in the AQA COMP 3 (COMP3) specification.

Includes notes on: Turing Machines, BigO Notation, Programming Paradigms, Stacks & Queues, Graphs and Trees and their transveral methods, Sorting, Floating Point Numbers, Operating Systems, Database and Normalising (to 3NF), Communication and Networking and more.

All the information is completed to what I have learnt, there might be the odd error. Some images are from notes and wikipedia.

If you want the original word document instead of the PDF just message me.


Change: 13/06/2014 Order of Compexity Table, Thanks freddie_barbour

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freddie barbour


Really useful and to the point. First computing revision notes that I've seen where the author understands that 63 PAGES OF TEXT is not a REVISION GUIDE. From what I can see it covers (almost) everything one actually needs to know, without all the useless filler ****. Bravo sir!

EDIT: Just found an error, in Big-O complexity table, logarithmic is more efficient than linear.



I think you meant to write traversal rather than transversal XD



Quite a few errors but best material I've found yet!




Thanks for your feedback, If you notice any errors do let me know (PM or as a Comment) - I don't mind updating this resource even tho I'm done with COMP3.

Good luck in your exams.



Have all the errors been corrected? :)



My saviour