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1. Burke criticises Cloward & Ohlin, as their subcultures are...

  • Vague and studied during the 1960s
  • Outdated and only based in Chicago
  • Outdated and only based in Seattle
  • Outdated, vague, unreliable and only based in Michigan
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2. A criticism of Cohen is that he doens't acknowledge that...

  • Some criminal subcultures don't reward violence etc.
  • Some youths may have always wanted to deviate, rather than changing from being normal.
  • Women also deviate.
  • There are different types of deviance, not just utilitarian crime.

3. Polsky & Davis say that minor crimes can prevent more serious crimes, by acting as a...

  • Trampoline
  • Criminal cushion
  • Safety valve
  • Safety net

4. Durkheim believes that society needs a what?

  • Bond of attachment
  • Common history (social solidarity)
  • Element of trust
  • Way of displaying norms

5. Subcultural theorists - Cloward & Ohlin created 3 responses to why w/c members deviate in different ways. These were:

  • Repressive, deterministic and critical subcultures
  • Rebellion, victimised and poor groups
  • Criminal, conflict and retreatist subcultures
  • Criminal, ideological and harmful subcultures


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