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1. Murray: the generosity of welfare state has led to more l.p.fs and unemployed men, leading to the rise of the what?

  • Married woman
  • Benefit-fixated subculture
  • Underclass
  • Unskilled labour worker
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2. A criticism of Cohen is that he doens't acknowledge that...

  • Some criminal subcultures don't reward violence etc.
  • Some youths may have always wanted to deviate, rather than changing from being normal.
  • Women also deviate.
  • There are different types of deviance, not just utilitarian crime.

3. Cicourel criticises Merton, because...

  • He is vague in analysing the types of groups.
  • Innovators aren't a real group in society, but merely an exaggeration of other groups.
  • The official stats used by Merton exaggerate w/c crime, as the w/c do experience the most strain, yet they don't all deviate.
  • Merton over-defends the working class, even though they do experience the largest strain.

4. Parsons: there are 2 types of agents of social control. These are:

  • Formal and informal
  • Repressive and ideological
  • Harsh and pleasant
  • Positivist and interpretivist

5. Parsons: goal attainment means that we all...

  • share the same goals
  • have the same ideas
  • want to battle for goals
  • can attain different goals


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