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1. Which of the following is not a characteristic of the underclass?

  • Part-time employment
  • Acceptance of crime and deviance
  • Illegitimacy (kids outside marriage)
  • High rates of long term unemployment
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2. Tham: criticises Murray, as he found that Sweden also had welfare benefits - but in Sweden there was:

  • Less of a moral panic about benefits
  • Less unemployment, less inequality and less inprisonment (even though Swedish benefits were higher)
  • More employment only
  • A stronger common history

3. Burke criticises Cloward & Ohlin, as their subcultures are...

  • Outdated and only based in Chicago
  • Outdated and only based in Seattle
  • Vague and studied during the 1960s
  • Outdated, vague, unreliable and only based in Michigan

4. Durkheim says that 'crime is normal and an integral part of all healthy societies' as it...

  • Helps the public understand that everyone can commit crime from time to time
  • Highlights that crime will be punished
  • Re-establishes boundaries, tracks social change and creates social solidarity
  • Shows that it is normal to commit crime

5. Murray: the generosity of welfare state has led to more l.p.fs and unemployed men, leading to the rise of the what?

  • Underclass
  • Benefit-fixated subculture
  • Unskilled labour worker
  • Married woman


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