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1. Marxists criticise functionalist views for not having a march of progress viewpoint. Also, Marxists say that socialisation teaches about...

  • The ruling class' ideology
  • The family and nothing else
  • Nothing but positive things
  • The improvements of class inequality over time
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2. Which is not one of Merton's strain theory groups?

  • Rebels
  • Ritualists
  • Conformists
  • Retreatists
  • Disputists
  • Innovators

3. Murray: the generosity of welfare state has led to more l.p.fs and unemployed men, leading to the rise of the what?

  • Married woman
  • Underclass
  • Unskilled labour worker
  • Benefit-fixated subculture

4. Which of the following is not a characteristic of the underclass?

  • Part-time employment
  • Acceptance of crime and deviance
  • Illegitimacy (kids outside marriage)
  • High rates of long term unemployment

5. Functionalists aim to maintain what?

  • Consensus
  • The ability to create a revolution
  • Social order
  • Happiness


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