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2. Cohen: formed the idea that criminal subcultures invert the values of mainstream society (what society condemns, they praise). This was known as the...

  • Opposite values hierarchy
  • Criminal subculture structure
  • Alternative status hierarchy
  • Inverted delinquency order

3. Parsons: goal attainment means that we all...

  • can attain different goals
  • share the same goals
  • want to battle for goals
  • have the same ideas

4. Cicourel criticises Merton, because...

  • The official stats used by Merton exaggerate w/c crime, as the w/c do experience the most strain, yet they don't all deviate.
  • Innovators aren't a real group in society, but merely an exaggeration of other groups.
  • Merton over-defends the working class, even though they do experience the largest strain.
  • He is vague in analysing the types of groups.

5. Marxists criticise functionalist views for not having a march of progress viewpoint. Also, Marxists say that socialisation teaches about...

  • The ruling class' ideology
  • The family and nothing else
  • Nothing but positive things
  • The improvements of class inequality over time


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