French Revolution: Topic 1, Absolutism and the structure of the Ancien Regime

1. which of these were the 4 limiting factors of the Ancien Regime?

  • The king had to take advice on important decisions; advisers/ministers coming from a pool of career administers and courtiers; bound by laws and customs of France; needed consent of the noble elite.
  • Marie Antoinette being too much of an influence on Louis, louis only being 16 years old when crownd king; France's increasing population; Frane being bankrupt
  • bound by laws; ministers undermind the king; the french people had ot have a say; rench government
  • other countries; french system of government; the palace of versailles being 12 miles away from paris; Marie Antoinette
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2. What did the church have control over?

  • taxes; towns; countryside
  • Everything from the other 3 answers
  • education; hospitals; poor relief
  • education; all of frenchland; taxes

3. what were the key weaknesses of absolutism and the structure of the Ancien Regime?

  • problems of government and taxation; couldn't be reformed; tensions in society grew
  • taxation; church wanting more money; the government being in control
  • the king; the moarchy; paris government

4. what were the 3rd estate dependant on?

  • their children
  • government issues
  • price of bread
  • monarchy

5. what were the nobility exempt from?

  • annual grant; paying towards church income
  • newer taxes linked to income, avoided paying every tax just like the 1st estate
  • heaviest tax, the tailles (land tax); the corvees royales (labour service on the roads); military conscription
  • paying rents and taxes; paying the gabelle (salt tax);


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