The french revolution

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  • The french revolution 1774-1815
    • The main features of the ancien regime
      • The absolute monarchy
      • The 3 main estates , the first estate, the second and the third estate.
        • The first estate, was the 0.5% of the population that was mainly made up of bishops, clergy, aristocratic  origin
        • The second estate was almost like the middle class, it was made up of nobles , armed forces and many more people in the middle upper class
        • The third estate, was made up out of anyone who could not be in the other two estate mostly ranging from wealthy merchants to poor farmers and widows.
      • The inheritance of Louis XVI
      • The king
      • The situation in 1774
    • The financial problems of France
      • tax privilege
      • The disorganisation  of france and the balance sheets were years out of date
      • The works of Turgot
      • Necker
      • Calonne
      • The war loans
      • The assessment of major reforms
    • How important were new ideas in bringing about the revolution.
      • Reasons and science
      • politics
      • religion
        • nature and sensibility
      • The classical revivals
      • The salons
    • How important were the american revolution and enlightenment ideas
      • The key ideas that colonists made fought for american revolution became those of the french
        • no taxation
        • The declaration of independence
        • The idea of natural rights
        • religious equality and toleration
        • The right to rebel against unjust monarchical rule.
      • Enlightenment
        • discussed mainly amoung the elite
        • divided the french elites
        • constitutional monarchy
        • paved new political ideas
        • taken from the american revolution




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