France becoming a republic in 1792

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What political clubs were there?
Jacobin, Cordelier,
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high entrance fee, rejected monarchy, radical minority by Robespierre,
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more radical, working class, Marat attacked regime
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Why was there a revolyution in Brittany in 1790?
not all feudal abolished
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when was it abolished?
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WHEN WAS the flight to verenne
20th June 1790
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what did this lead to
the first serious talks about a republic
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louis blabbed in his diary, undermined constitution's credibility
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march to NA to remove king, king suspended
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why was there jacobean disagreements?
some, with cords, wanted king dethroned. Others didnt and left
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left and formed what?
The Feiullants
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When was the Champs de Mars Massacre?
16-17 July 1791
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who organised the meeting?
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how many
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Who feared trouble
Paris Commune
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who did they involve
the national guard
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what happened?
open fire
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radicals vs moderates exist
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when was the declaration of pillnitz
august 1791
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marie antoinette's brother and prussia - bring back monarchy in France!!!!!
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when was the constitution of 1791 formed
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what purpose did it serve
redefined position of king and assembly
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how were things redefined
no longer could veto, or touch foreign policy, no member of constituent assembly could be reelected to the next assembly (to try and remove moderates)
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What was the legislative assembly
made laws
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how many deputies
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name the party representation in order of popularity
neither, feuillant, jacobin
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what were the first 2 major laws?
1. All refractory priests were to lose income and be treated as conspirators against France 2.Any émigrés (nobles who fled France during revolution) still out of France would forfeit property and be regarded as traitors
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Why was the outbreak of war in 1792 so important?
Led directly to the fall of the monarchy, to civil war and to the terror
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other countries didnt want no monarchy, Pillnitz, revolution
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Opinion in France
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who was for
lafayette and brissotins
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who was against
minority - robespierre
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when did the french declare war
20th April
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• French not prepared for war • Changes in leadership weakened them
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What was the Brunswick Manifesto?
kill anyone that stopped advance of harmed King
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what did it do to the revolution
divided france further
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what did the assembly do
disbanded King's Guard and Girondins in June
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what did this lead to
furhter sans culottes demonstrations
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when was the journee to Tuillieres
20th June
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when was the second journee to Tuillieres
10th August
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how many sans culottes and ng marched
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who were the federes
militant revolutionaries & republicans, led by conservatives or royalists
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why was the republic formed?
• Sans culottes took hq of the commune and created the new revolutionary commune
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what happened to the king
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when were the september massacres
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• War grew worse – Lafayette deserted to Austrians • August 11th – Assembly grants power for people to arrest ‘counter-revolutionaries
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• Sans Culottes started killing prisoners incase of invasion
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how many ded
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high entrance fee, rejected monarchy, radical minority by Robespierre,

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Why was there a revolyution in Brittany in 1790?


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when was it abolished?


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