Flooding in the UK to 16th February 2014

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What is this case study focused on?
Recent flooding in the UK up to 16th February 2014
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What were river levels in the Barbourne area of Worcester on 13th February, believed to be the peak unless further heavy rain?
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What caused the flooding across the south of England?
Number of factors - coastal west and south Scotland affected by tidal surges and severe gales
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January 2014 was the wettest January in England since when?
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What did Ed Miliband said the flooding showed?
That climate change was a "national security issue" for the UK
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What is an exacerbating issue in the flooding of the Somerset Levels?
Maximum altitude is just 8m above sea level
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What do many locals, farmers and politicians cite as a reason for drastic flooding of Somerset Levels?
Reduction in redging works undertaken or permitted by Environment Agency
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Excavation of sediments from watercourses such as rivers
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What do many in the Somerset Levels argue about dredging?
Is necessary to maintain capacity of watercourses and to permit more rapid conveyance of floodwaters out of catchment
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Why do the Environment Agency argue that dredging would not have prevented the flooding of the Somerset Levels?
Capacity of river channel is small compared to the catchment area from whcih water is sourced and the sheer amount of water
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The Environment Agency sought to remind that dredging has its own negative consequences. Give examples of these
Increase in flood risk further downstream, in often larger towns and cities, and damage to biodiversity
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What is the Environment Agency facing?
Big cuts in the staf who might deal with flood policy
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How much does the Environment Agency say that it has spent on improving river flow, including dredging and weed clearance in the past year?
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Why does a spokeswoman for the EA say that dredging would not reduce flood risk on all rivers on Somerset Levls
"because of their tidal nature"
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Why is dredging not often the best long term solution?
May not be economically suitable, the negatives of it environmentally etc
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Even if the capacity of the river on the Somerset Levels was increased by 50% what would have been the impact of this on flooding?
Relatively small due to the amount of water and flooding in the area
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How many people were killed due to heavy wind and rain on Valentine's Day 2014?
2 people
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When did a £5mn dredging scheme on the River Parrett on the Somerset Levels begin?
At the end of March 2014
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How many schools were partially or fully closed in Herefordshire and Worcestershire alone due to flooding on 14th February?
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What was the impact of flooding on homes in Surrey?
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What percentage of the UK's economic output comes from the areas affected by flooding?
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How much did the accountancy firm PwC estimate damages from December 2013 and January 2013 from flooding generally will lead to in insurance claims from households?
£500mn although infrastructure repairs and flood containment programmes could drive this total to £630mn
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How much did accountancy firm PwC warn the total impact could be close to if storms continued into February, as they did, of flooding on uK?
Close to £1bn!
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What was the impact of a landslip at Oxted Surrey?
Railway track not expected to reopen until 18th February at the earliest
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What percentage of Somerset's Sedgemoor district was under water due to flooding?
11%, including 16,000 acres of top quality farmland
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How much did David Cameron pledge in urgent flood defences in 2014 on 6th February?
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How much did David Cameron pledge on 5th February was to be spent on flood defences in 2015?
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How many severe flood warnings of 'danger to life' were given in England and Wales by Environment Agency?
21 severe warning in place at one time
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How quickly were the army to carry out rapid inspection of English flood defences in?
5 weeks
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How long did the Defence Secretary say it would normally take for an inspection of English flood defences to take place?
2 years
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How many military personnel were involved in the response to flooding?
Over 3000 military
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Where did the homeless in Worcester spend the night of 13th Feb and why?
Alternate accommodation - closure of Night Assessment Centre due to safety concerns ergardin crossing flooded rive
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What did the Environment Agency announce on 14 Feb?
Selling some of dredging equipment at auction in Herefordshire and would use contractors in future
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How did people react to Environment Agency's announcement would sell some dredging equipmnet?
Outcry from groups such as online The Farming Forum who said now is not time to announce
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How many lower level flood alerts were in places in England and Wales?
More than 400
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How many sandbags were distributed in Surrey alone?
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How many soldiers were on the streets of Worcester as the River Severn was at some of highest levels recorded there?
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Give an example of an impact away from main affected area
Storm flattened red squirrel forest in Co. Durham and red squirrels are a protected species
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By what time on 14th February was power restored to Worcestershire?
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What vehicles were soldiers deployed in in Herefordshire
4x4s and special vehicles designed to drive in up to 1.5m of water
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What percentage of Fire and Rescue services in England and Wales gave help to areas affected by flooding?
Over 70%
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It is the largest mobilisation of fire and rescue services since WWII - true or false?
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How many firefighters helped local communities?
Up to 1000
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How much was the fund for farmers suffering from waterlogged fields to help them return land to usable state quickly?
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How much is the "repair and renew" grant to households and businesses affected, to pay for repairs to improve future defences?
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Somerset County Council campaigned for dredging of rivers on the Levels - how much was recently pledged by them towards the cost?
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Who backed Somerset County Council's move to provide funds towards dredging of rivers on Levels?
Sedgemoor District Council
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How many pumps used on the Somerset Levels?
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How long extra to pay business taxes was the HRMC looking to offer affected businesses?
Up to 3 months
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What was offered for domestic flights from Newquay to provude support during severe weather affecting Cornish connections?
£5 reduction funded by Department of Transport
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How was the £5 reduction delivered?
Through grant to Cornwall Council for at least two weeks to allow pirport to waive airport development fee usually payable by customers
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What was significant about the £5 reduction by Department of Transport for domestic flights from Newquay?
First time that the government has offered this sort of support
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What were river levels in the Barbourne area of Worcester on 13th February, believed to be the peak unless further heavy rain?



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What caused the flooding across the south of England?


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January 2014 was the wettest January in England since when?


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What did Ed Miliband said the flooding showed?


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