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What is a fault?
A fracture or break in rocks
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What is a tectonic process?
The theory related to the seismic movement of the earths plates
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What is geology?
Geology is the different type of rock that make up on area
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What is Magma?
Semi-molten rock found in the mantle layer of the earth
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What is Carboniferous limestone?
Deposited rocks that were formed between 363&325 million years ago
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What are joints?
A vertical crack within a layer of rock.
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What is weathering?
Weathering is the breakdown and decay of rock by natural processes acting on rocks, on cliffs or valley sides.
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What is freeze thaw?
The process of rocks breaking up from repeated freeze thaw weathering.
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What are tors?
They are a block of granite found at the top of a hill.
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What are clutter slopes?
The trail of deposited rocks from. The action of freeze thaw weathering on tors
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what are Limestone pavements?
A horizontal or gently sloping area of limestone, comprised of large a blocks separated by deep eroded fissures.
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What are grykes?
Vertical joints, enlarged by weathering, between the blocks in a limestone pavement.
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What are clients?
Clients are large blocks of rock on a limestone pavement, separated by grykes.
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What is abrasion?
This type of erosion is caused by rivers, glaciers or waves picking up sediments and rubbing them against rocks in the bed and banks, valleys or cliffs.
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What is a national park?
A large area of natural land protected by the government because of its natural beauty, plants or animals
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What is arable?
The farming of crops like wheat or barley.
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What does Cultivation mean?
The action of using the land for agricultural purpose.
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Wildlife corridors
A link of wildlife habitat, normally native vegetation, which joins two or more larger areas of similar wildlife habitat.
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What is a tectonic process?


The theory related to the seismic movement of the earths plates

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What is geology?


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What is Magma?


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What is Carboniferous limestone?


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