F335 reaction conditions

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Bromination of benzene
Iron (iii) bromide catalyst, bromine, room temperature
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Nitration of benzene
Concentrates Nitric acid, c.sulphuric acid catalyst, below 55 degrees c
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Sulfonation of benzene
C. Sulphuric acid, heat under reflux
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Metal benzenesulphonate formation
Benzenesulphonic acid, alkali
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Chlorination of benzene
Anhydrous aluminium chloride catalyst, chlorine, room temp
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Friedel crafts acylation
Anhydrous aluminium chloride catalyst, acyl chloride, heat under reflux
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Friedel crafts alkylation
Anhydrous aluminium chloride catalyst, chloroalkane, heat under reflux
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Halagenoalkane to alcohol
Water or NaOH under reflux
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Halagenoalkane to amine
Concentrated ammonia, heat in a sealed tube
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Alcohol to carboxylic acid
Heat under reflux, acidified potassium dichromate
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Alcohol to aldehyde
Acidified potassium dichromate, distillation
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Aldehyde or ketone to alcohol
Sodium tetrahydridoborate
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Alcohol to alkene
Alumina at 300 degrees, or heat with c. Sulphuric acid under reflux
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Alcohol to chloroalkane
Concentrated HCl
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Alcohol to bromoalkane
HBr (formed in situ -> NaBr + c. Sulphuric acid)
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Alcohol to ester
C. Sulphuric acid, heat under reflux with carboxylic acid, or acyl chloride in anhydrous conditions
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Aldehyde/ketone to cyanohydrin
Hydrogen cyanide in alkali
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Alkene to alkane
Hydrogen, nickel catalyst, 150 degrees, 5atm or platinum at room temp and 1atm
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Alkene to bromoalkane
Bromine in an organic solvent
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Alkene to alcohol
Concentrated sulphuric acid followed by water, or water, phosphoric acid catalyst, 300 degrees and 60atm
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Alkane to chloroalkane and HCl
Chlorine in sunlight via radical substitution
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Alkene to 1-bromoalkane
Concentrated HBr, room temp
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Alkene to addition polymer
Oxygen, 200 degrees, 1500 atm
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Acyl chloride to carboxylic acid and HCl
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Amide formation
Acyl chloride and amine, anhydrous conditions
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Ester to alcohol and carboxylic acid
Moderately concentrated acid or alkali, heat under reflux
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Nitrobenzene to phenylamine
Tin catalyst, concentrated HCl
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Phenylamine To diazonium salt
Sodium nitrite, dilute HCl, below 5 degrees
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Diazonium salt to azo dye
Coupling with phenol or phenylamine
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Nitration of benzene


Concentrates Nitric acid, c.sulphuric acid catalyst, below 55 degrees c

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Sulfonation of benzene


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Metal benzenesulphonate formation


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Chlorination of benzene


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