F212 Food & Health

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1. CHD is a disease caused by excess energy intake. What happens to lead to the development of CHD?

  • Excess fats taken in get deposited along coronary artery walls leading to atherosclerosis. Blood flow is restricted and cells are starved of oxygen
  • Excess fats are deposited along coronary arteries and cause a blood to become restricted and so a clot forms blocking the artery
  • Excess fats are deposited along the coronary arteries and cause the artery to become narrower and less elasticated so blood pressure drops causing blood flow to be less effective
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2. What are the two types of lipoproteins made of?

  • Lipids, proteins, starch and salts
  • Lipids , proteins and cholesterol
  • Lipids , glucose , proteins and starch

3. Excess energy intake will result in what?

  • Weight loss
  • Obesity
  • Malnutrition

4. Quorn is example of a mycoprotein. What is made from?

  • An edible fungus , Fusarium veneatum
  • An edible enzyme,Ethelyene Tryase
  • An edible bacterium , Clostridium botulinum

5. Define the term 'disease'.

  • A micro-organism that affects a host by damaging it
  • A departure from good health , a malfunction of the body / mind
  • An illness that causes symptoms on the body


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