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1. how do viruses work?

  • They invade cells and cause it to divide rapidly causing a mutation - the cell then triggers an immune response
  • They invade cells and take over the genetics, cause the cell to make new copies of the virus which are then released
  • They invade cells and destroy the contents. they then reproduce inside
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2. What are the two types of lipoproteins made of?

  • Lipids, proteins, starch and salts
  • Lipids , proteins and cholesterol
  • Lipids , glucose , proteins and starch

3. Name the 3 stages in selective breeding.

  • Isolation , Artificial selection , Inbreeding / line breeding
  • Isolation, natural selection , inbreeding / line breeding
  • Isolation , artificial selection , natural production

4. Name the two types of lipoproteins found in the body.

  • HDL's and LDL's
  • HDL's and ADL's
  • ADL's and GDL's

5. Excess energy intake will result in what?

  • Obesity
  • Malnutrition
  • Weight loss


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