F212 Food & Health

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1. Define the term 'disease'.

  • A departure from good health , a malfunction of the body / mind
  • An illness that causes symptoms on the body
  • A micro-organism that affects a host by damaging it
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2. WHO uses a process to proritise their work. What is this process called?

  • Epidemiology
  • Selection
  • Observation

3. What is meant by the term 'balanced diet' ?

  • a diet that contains all the nutrients required for good health - in appropriate portions
  • a diet that contains higher quantities of fruit & veg and proteins and cuts out fats and dairy
  • a diet that is based on carbohydrates to gain energy

4. What are the two types of lipoproteins made of?

  • Lipids , proteins and cholesterol
  • Lipids , glucose , proteins and starch
  • Lipids, proteins, starch and salts

5. Name the two types of lipoproteins found in the body.

  • HDL's and LDL's
  • HDL's and ADL's
  • ADL's and GDL's


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