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Biological Molecule…read more

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Nucleic acid…read more

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Food and Health…read more

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Food preservation
Bacteria and fungi can be used to make food, like yogurt, cheese making
Advantages Disadvantages
Microorganisms grow quickly giving high yields and Conditions needed for useful organisms are ideal for
fast production. pathogens.…read more

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Factories use less land than traditional agriculture and Production vessels can be contaminated by
can be set up anywhere competitors with loss of production
Can use waste material as substrate Customer may not want to eat fungi
No ethical issues with using microorganism Protein may not have great taste
Low fat, Low cholesterol, Good balance diet and is [Protein] Purification before entering the human
useful for Vegetarians. food chain may be expensive.
Food spoilage
In food, bacteria divide and replicate to increase their numbers.…read more

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Bethany Cunningham

Wow. So colourful and thoughtful for other readers- it is great!

Nearly Einstein

really good

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