Events of Book 16 - The Iliad

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1. What are Achilles' instructions to Patroclus for when he goes into battle?

  • To return as soon as the ships are saved.
  • To pursue the Trojans until Ilium falls.
  • To kill Hector and retrieve Helen.
  • To wound Agamemnon but not to kill him.
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2. How does Apollo help in Patroclus' death?

  • He makes him drop his shield, making it easier for Trygaeus to kill him.
  • He stuns him, making it easier for Sarpedon to kill him.
  • He wounds him, making it easier for Hector to kill him.
  • He fills him with cowardice, making it easier for Paris to kill him.

3. How does Patroclus disobey Achilles' orders?

  • He kills too many Trojans without cause.
  • He doesn't wound Agamemnon and returns without Helen.
  • He pursues the Trojans right up to the city gates.
  • He kills Sarpedon but doesn't bring him back.

4. How does Zeus interfere with Hector in this book?

  • He fills him with cowardice.
  • He fills him with jealousy.
  • He fills him with confidence.
  • He fills him with delusion.

5. What does Homer reveal about the destiny of Patroclus in this book?

  • He will only return if Ilium falls.
  • It will be either him or the ships that will return.
  • Both he and the ships will return.
  • Neither he or the ships will return.


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