Events of Book 11 - The Iliad

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1. What happens to Odysseus in this book?

  • He gets wounded and carried back to the Achaean camp by Ajax.
  • Agamemnon punishes him for being dishonest about enemy tactics.
  • Ajax accidentally wounds him with his spear and weeps for his errors.
  • He gets wounded by Hector when attempting to infiltrate Trojan ranks.
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2. What does Zeus do at the beginning of Book 11?

  • Sends Athene to negotiate with the Trojans.
  • Rains blood on the Achaean camp.
  • Directs strong winds against the Achaean army.
  • Sends a flood to the Trojan camp.

3. What does Achilles see from his camp in this book?

  • Agamemnon go past wounded on horseback.
  • The wounded Achaean healer in a chariot.
  • The wounded Achaean priest of Apollo go past on horseback.
  • The corpse of Diomedes pass by in a chariot.

4. Who does Achilles send to the Achaean camp to find any news?

  • Patroclus
  • Briseis
  • Nestor
  • Odysseus

5. What does Iris tell Hector to do in this book?

  • Wait until Agamemnon is wounded before he attacks the Achaean line.
  • Wait until Achilles has returned to war before the Trojans offer a truce.
  • Wait until Helen is returned to Menelaus before advancing on Achaean lines.
  • Wait until the storm has passed before retreating from the Achaean line.


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