Events between Spain and England between 1568-1584

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1. Which of these WASN'T a consequence of Elizabeth taking over the Genoese loan to Spain?

  • Phillip seized all English property in Spain
  • Trade embargo
  • Peace Treaty
  • Alva seizes all English ships and property in the Netherlands
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2. Who funded Drake's circumnavigation of the world?

  • Anti- Spanish financers
  • England
  • Spain

3. What country did Phillip conquer in 1580?

  • Ireland
  • Portugal
  • Netherlands

4. Which of these DIDN'T happen in 1583?

  • De Menodza involves himself in the Throckmorton Pot
  • Duke of Parma makes headway in the Netherlands
  • Phillip orders the construction of a large navy

5. In which year did Elizabeth expel the Dutch Sea Beggars from English ports, leading to the Revolt of the Netherlands?

  • 1572
  • 1586
  • 1570


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