Ethics 1 religion & human relationships

Bible quotes/facts/beliefs

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1. Roman Catholic view on contraception:

  • It is wrong to prevent it as conception is a natural outcome of sexual intercourse
  • It is wrong
  • It is fine
  • They have no view
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2. Define economy:

  • Divorce
  • Government buissnes
  • An act which is done out of the concern for others
  • Kindness

3. What do Methodists deel about homosexuality?

  • They're not sure
  • They accept a person as being homosexual they would condemn them for 'acting on homosexual instincts'
  • They are for it
  • They are against it

4. How important is marriage to Protestants

  • Very important
  • Not very - it is not a sacrament
  • Not very
  • it is not a sacrament

5. Define fornication

  • Sex outside of marriage
  • To selflessly love
  • To abstain from sex
  • To abstain from sex because of a vow


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