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1. What happens in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10?

  • The second creation story
  • Paul condemns homosexuality
  • Onan sins
  • Jesus says divorce is wrong
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2. Roman Catholic view on contraception:

  • It is fine
  • It is wrong to prevent it as conception is a natural outcome of sexual intercourse
  • It is wrong
  • They have no view

3. What does Moses say about divorce?

  • Divorce was permitted if a man found out something indicent about his wife
  • It is always right
  • Divorce was permitted if a woman found out something indicent about her husband
  • It is always wrong

4. What happens in Genesis 1:26-27?

  • Adam and Eve are banished
  • Male and female are created
  • God makes man in his own image
  • Eve eats from the forbidden tree

5. What does the Orthodox Church say about divorce?

  • You can get married a second or third time because of the concern for the spiritual well-being of the person
  • It is always wrong
  • It is accepted
  • You can get married as many times as you want


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