Ethics 1 religion & human relationships

Bible quotes/facts/beliefs

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1. Roman Catholic view on contraception:

  • It is fine
  • It is wrong to prevent it as conception is a natural outcome of sexual intercourse
  • It is wrong
  • They have no view
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2. Define Nuptial mass and what faith practices it?

  • A special Eucharist celebrated at a wedding, Roman Catholics
  • The Eucharist
  • A wedding
  • Roman Catholics

3. What do Quakers feel about homosexuality?

  • They totally accept it and support gay couples
  • They're against it
  • They support gay couples
  • They totally accept it

4. What happens in Genesis 1:26-27?

  • Adam and Eve are banished
  • God makes man in his own image
  • Eve eats from the forbidden tree
  • Male and female are created

5. Christian view on sexual relationships:

  • Adultery, fornication and homosexuality is (nearly always) right
  • No strong view
  • Adultery, fornication and homosexuality is (nearly always) wrong
  • Too many opposing views


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