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Class- Middle class

Middle Class and Religion

1) New Age: Bruce claims that the middle class take more CONTROL of themselves so turn to the New Age; they can also AFFORD the service offered
They believe in the idea of self-improvement and since New Age is linked to the human potential movement they are attracted to it
Heelas- focus on self-spirituality, they reject traditional sources of religious authority
Hollistic Milleu- unlike congregation domain, this is based on one-to one and small group activity

Heelas claimed that middle class people may have a MULTIPLICITY OF ROLES so believe that the New Age can help them find their sense of identity

2) Glock and Stark: Relative Deprivation

  • Psychically deprived: they need a sense if fulfilment so turn to world-accomodating NRMs such as Transcendental Mediation- helps to reduce anxiety and be successful at work 
  • Organismically deprived: suffer from mental and physical problems so to avoid drugs and alcohol they turn to NRMS// Ethically deprived- turn to world-rejecting movements
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Working Class

However, working class can also be attracted to New religious movements....

1) Margenalised
Troeltsch argued that the poor and oppressed can find an appeal in NRMS. Weber argued that they are margenalised in society i.e. outside the mainstream of society and do not feel as though they are gaining the rewards and status they feel they deserved.
Furthermore, Wilson claimed that those experienced economic collapse, natural disaster, defeat in war all find an appeal in NRMs

Religion provides them with a 'theodicy of dispriveledge'

2) Social Change

Wilson claimed that working-class found an appeal in world-accomodating movements.
Industrial revolution caused Britain to become dislocated and many urban working class individuals felt ANXIOUS to these changes in industrial towns and citiies. Therefore, world-accomodating movements made sure they adapted to these changes and adjusted

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