My English Project: The Meaning of Life


So, I will get straight to my subject, what is the point of life? It is a very strange question and a very difficult question. Many would say we have a clear purpose, it is to enjoy your life, other that there is no meaning and we should just enjoy life. Is our lives just a pointless repeating cycle? This question has no correct answer it is simply a matter of opinion. Personally I think it is for us to learn.

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Knowledge, knowledge is the only cure and the salvation of the human race. As you know the sun will eventually end this planet. Our planet will burn and be destroyed. Does this mean humanity will die? Yes and we will be long forgotten. However, can escape this planet that is if we have enough knowledge knowledge to travel close to the speed of light. Just so you know, it is impossible to travel at the speed of light, if you were wondering.

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You see if we try to escape our planet in our current condition, we wouldn’t even make it past Saturn in 4 years. The next problem is the food and water supply. It will eventually run out. Even if we do have live stock and farms, water will still be a problem. Next, our destination, currently we know 2,326 potential planet has been discovered. Gliese 581 C is the closest life supporting planet that has been discovered, however, it is 20 light years away and at our rate we would never make it. So am I right that knowledge is the best solution?

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But in the end what is it in for us? By the time the human race have escaped. I am disappointed to say, that we will be dead by then. In fact it would feel like you never existed. Is there a point for us to be alive? Now, what are you working for? If you think about it despite the fact we will be dead by then we should still try and find a way off this planet? But of course that isn't our problem right? This generation will be long gone when the Earth is burning.

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It is quite sad right? We will eventually die and we will eventually be forgotten. In the end our lives are worth barely anything. I guess we should enjoy our lives while it lasts. This is a reason why we have religions; It is to give us hope to give us something to depend on. As a Christian I believe in God and I believe that God will be my salvation. In my opinion religions gives us a reason to live this life, it gives us a reason to continue. Ever since the beginning of the human race we believed in something. For example in some places shrines and sculptures were made to worship their God. Living is a gift from God and we should enjoy it.

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All that being said, what are you going to do about this? Personally I want to be remembered, I want to be remembered till the end. That would have been my ending and conclusion but I will say a bit more on how to be remembered. There lots of ways to be remembered the most popular way I guess is to become a writer. I mean honestly writers are like immortal. Many building and parks are named after it's primary financial donor. Becoming a politician means your name will be in a large numbers of history books especially if you are an international figure. The way I want to be remembered is by inventing something. I want to contribute a thing that will change humanity for the better and ever and to do that I need more knowledge. Thank you for listening.

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