1. What is the odds ratio formula?

  • odds that an exposed person develops the disease / odds that a non-exposed person develops the disease
  • Number of exposed people infected with the disease / by the total number of exposed people
  • Number of new and exsisting / divided by the total population
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2. What is an experimental study?

  • a study in which conditions are in direct control of the investigator
  • the study of diseases for which medical care is sought
  • any designated group individuals who are followed or traced over time

3. A factor that can influence the exposure to disease causing agents ?

  • Not washing your hands
  • Immunocompromised or nutritionally deficient
  • The size of bacteria

4. What is incidence?

  • No. of new events occurring in a defined population during a specified period of time
  • the cumulative incidence of infection in a population observed over a period of time during an epidemic
  • The amount of bacteria present in one individual

5. What is morbidity?

  • the relative incidence of a disease
  • number of deaths in a population per unit time
  • measures the odds of exposure for cases compared to controls


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