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1. What is a common feature of the telegraphic stage?

  • that children have grammatically complex combinations
  • that children use two word combinations
  • that children commonly omit function words
  • that children use holophrases
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2. What are the four stages of speech?

  • pre phonemic, semiphonetic, phonetic, transitional
  • holophrastic stage, two word stage, telegraphic stage, post telegraphic stage
  • The sight voabulary/whole word stage, discrimination net stage, the phonological recoding stage, the orthographic stage
  • repeated epithet, assonance, aphorism/proverb, epithet as metaphor

3. Who believed that children are born with an innate knowledge of the structure of language

  • Chomsky
  • Piaget
  • Assowa
  • Bruner

4. What did the behaviourist Skinner say?

  • Children learn to speak by imitating their parents and being rewarded or punished according to the accuracy of their utterances
  • When children hear examples or language they fit these into their (unconscious) mental model of how language works.
  • Language is social 'children learn to use language initially... to get what they want, to play games, to stay connected to those whom are dependent.
  • Langyage development goes hand in hand with the development of thinking and knowledge (cognitive development).

5. Whats an ascender?

  • using symbols to express meaning
  • parts of letters that go down from the line
  • parts of letters that go up from the line
  • understanding that in English we write from left to right


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