Language Change and Variation Quiz

Who invented the printing press
William Caxton
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Jean Aitchison is a...
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Describe forms of variation, present ideas without preference and record change as it happens
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Impose standardised rules, reject existing non-standard forms and control future change
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Janet Holmes looked at
Tag Questions
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Deborah Tannen thinks that
Men and women are linguistically different
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Pamela Fishman thinks that
Women work harder in conversations and are drawn into low status work
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Robin Lakoff suggested that women use more
affective adjectives and hedges
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What invasion was there in the Old English period
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Who invaded England in the Middle English period
Norman French
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When was the printing press invented
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What was the first English Bible called
King James Bible
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The Aziz Corporation suggested that strong accents are
a disadvantage in business
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John Honey is a prescriptivist, his book is called
The story of English language and its enemies
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Linguistic Determinism was suggested by
Sapir and Whorf
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Linguistic Determinism (strong) suggests that
Language precedes thought
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The Wave model was suggested by
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The S Curve model was suggested by
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What is nonce formation
A word created for one off use
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Rebus is
Representing a word or phrase with letters or characters
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What is Koineisation
The creation of a new standard language formed by combining two dialect form through language contact
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Sue Fox is famous for
Multi-Cultural London English and Multi-Ethnic Youth Dialect
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Polari is
An anti-language used by the homosexual community
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Peter Trudgill studied
The Norwich Vernacular
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Who created 'Webster's Dictionary'
Noah Webster
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American English was influenced by
The African American language of Gullah
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David Rosewarne studied
Estuary English
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Describe lexical gaps
Seeing likely paths that language may take in the future
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Who is a famous Descriptivist
Jean Aitchison
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Who is a famous Prescriptivist
Jonathan Swift
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