Elizabethan rebellions

Northern Rebellion
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Name 3 locations it took place
Durham (mostly), north riding of Yorkshire, Cumberland 1970
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At the time of the rebellion who was the Local President of the Council of York ?
Earl of Sussex
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Even though he was a southerner, what was his relationship with nobility?
good relationship with traditional northern aristocracy
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What was Durham part of meaning it was ruled over by ruler of Durham ?
County Palatine
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When were most of his powers eroded?
Act of Parliament 1536
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Who was Bishop of Durham at this point and who had be offended? Karl
James Pilkington, a radical reformer, Earl of Westmorland
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Name the 3 leaders?
Northumberland (catholic, Percy), Earl of Westmorland, Leonard Dance (Cousin of Westmorland)
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What are the 3 causes of the rebellion?
Court rivalry and factionalism, religion, local issues, Feudal rivalries
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what plot was Norfolk involved in that was treasonous as he had been approached to Marry MQS?
Ridolfi plot
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Who new about the plan and its discovery had led him to revolt against the Queen as she now had evidence?
Earl of Westmorland
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What led to popular protests in Durham to do with religion?
recent appointment to the diocese of Durham who were radical protestants
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For example, what 2 things were removed in that were catholic in Durham?
'cult of St Cuthbert' and associated artifacts in Durham
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What banner from the pilgrimage of Grace did some rebels use showing dislike for radical Protestantism?
The five wounds of Christ
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Explain why Liz management of local gov is partly to blame?
the Earls of Westmorland and Northumberland felt dishonor at cut out of the government of the North of England and felt resentment from being appointers of outsiders
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Why did many feel obliged to join in? 2 reasons
to avoid being evicted from their land by their land owners, may felt loyalists to Percys and Nevils
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When were Northumberland and Westmorland summounded to Court amid rumors they were planning a rebellion ?
Autumn 1569
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Why did this force them into rebellion?
because if they went to court they would be arrested to treason
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When did Rebels seize Durham?
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How many supporters were there?
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Why town did the rebels choose not to seize on?
York even though it was poorly defended
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When did the rebels capture some castles?
December 1569
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What were the 2 castles they captured?
barnard Castle, Hartlepool
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What were the rebels hoping with the Spanish?
they would join forces and overthrown Elizabeth
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Explain the demise of the rebellion
Liz sent rebels north, the Earls largely disbanded, fled across the border to Scotland
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Who and when attemped to restarted the rebellion in Cumberland?
Lenard Darce, Jan 1570
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Where were Darces forces detroyed?
by Royal army near Carlisle
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Provide evidence of the Gov dealing well with the rebellion
MQS was removed to a place of safety
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Provide some examples of the rebellion being poorly organized
lack of clear motives, poor leadership, no support amongst key nobels, geographically isolated, no foreign support
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What is it evidence of in terms its outcome
Liz poor handelign of regions, North-south split resistance to protestant reforms
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How mnay rebels were executed as a whole?
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Why were the executions somewhat a failure?
not some of them were carried out
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When was Northumberland executed?
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What happened to his head?
remained on display in York for 2 years
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What happened to Westmorland?
Remained alive in Spanish Netherlands
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What did Elizabeth do to the Land belonging to Northern Earls?
Control to the local gentry
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When was the Council of the North reorganised?
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Why was it then placed over control of ?
Crown loyalist the Earl of Huntington
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When was the Essex Rebellion?
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Who was it led by?
Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex,
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What was Essex's relationship with Elizabeth?
favorite of her
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When did Essex become a Privy Councillor?
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Why did Essex become a hero in 1596?
successful expedition to attack the Spanish port city of Cadiz
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Explain the little series of events in relation to Essex
Elizabeth promoted Cecil, Cecil and Essex began rivery at court, Essex made peace in Ireland, was banned from court and financially ruined
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Causes of the rebellion
Faction rivalry, failure in Ireland, loss of monopoly and favor, competition between councillors
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How did Essex cause faction rivalry?
he was acting with increasing arrogance and impatience at her policies and creating enemies at court
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When was Essex charged with treason due to him not following Elizabeth's's orderrs in in relation to the Irish rebels?
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Who decided not to fully press these charges ?
Lord Burgley
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What was Essex placed under?
house arrest
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What monopoly did Elizabeth take away from Elizabeth?
import of sweet wine
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This increased his debt, how much did this cost him p.a?
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Name 2 of Elizabeth's supporters that desterted him?
Francis Bacon & sir William Knolly's
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Provide an example of competition and tension between Essex and Cecil
Met with James VI of Scotland to plot a coup, and replace Cecil
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Where was his plan wanted to secure?
Palace of Whitehall
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Where did he want to storm?
Tower of London
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Where did he plan to purge?
Privy council of Cecil and his followers
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When Cecil ofund out these plans, what did Essex choose to do instead?
lead a demonstration in London against Cecil
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How many supporters did Essex gather at hhis house?
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How many messages did Essex capture?
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What did Elizabeth's message contain?
to dismiss his supporters and come to court
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Why did Essex have no choice but to surrender?
all palaces fortified,
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Essex and how many supporters were executed ?
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The argument to this posing a threat?
highlights dangerous faction rivalry in last few years, betrayal to the person he loved? trusted, problems caused by the lack of heir and Elixabths refusal tp name a successor
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The counterargument to posing a threat
quickly dealt with, people of London did support the plot, plan poorly thought out and disorganiodrf
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shows gov weakening in later years and younger member of nobility but support suggest RA was still strong
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Name 3 locations it took place


Durham (mostly), north riding of Yorkshire, Cumberland 1970

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At the time of the rebellion who was the Local President of the Council of York ?


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Even though he was a southerner, what was his relationship with nobility?


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What was Durham part of meaning it was ruled over by ruler of Durham ?


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