Elizabeth I Government Historians

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  • Historians for Elizabethan Government
    • Sloan
      • Elizabeth's system of government changed remarkably little over her reign - 'cautious conservatism'
      • The Northern Rebellion bears 'testimony to the regime's weakness in relying on provincial elites'.
    • Haigh
      • By the end of the reign, the Privy Council had become 'dangerously weak and narrow'
      • There was no innovation and the success of her government is 'overstated.
    • Yates
      • The Virgin Queen was a Protestant substitute for the Virgin Mary
    • Adams
      • 'Faction wasn't important until the final decade of Elizabeth's reign'.
    • Elton
      • Local government was a 'huge success'.
      • Her government provided the country with stability and 'she ruled through consent'.
    • Starkey
      • Leicester was the 'closest thing' Elizabeth ever had to a lover.
        • Fraser says he wouldn't have wanted power
          • Guy disagrees
    • Guy
      • Elizabeth 'controlled her own policy more than any other Tudor'.


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