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What is a National Party Convention?
A political convention held by both of the main parties, where delegates,party activists (invited), pressure groups, media (ect) meet nationally to chose their final presidential nominee.
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What is significant about the evenings at the NPC?
The evenings are themed. EG themed evening about the economy.
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When do the NPC take place?
Every 4 years. After Primaries and Caucuses, and usually the Summer of the presidential year
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How long does the NPC usually last?
4 days.
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How long did the NPC in 2012/16 last? & What is this an indication of?
3 days. An indication that the NPC's are becoming less significant.
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Who goes first in the NPC?
The challenger!
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Why was the 2012 and 2008 late?
Due to the olympics.
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When & Where was the 2012 RepublicanNPC?
Tampa, Florida. Aug 27th-30th 2012
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When & Where was the 2012 Democrat NPC?
Charlotte, North Carolina Sep 3rd-6th 2012
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When & Where was the 2016 Republican NPC?
Cleveland, Ohio. 18th-21st July 2016.
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When & Where was the 2016 Democrat NPC?
Wells Fargo Centre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 25th - 28th July.
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Who attends NPC?
Delegates, Super-Delegates, Media, Businesses, Pressure groups and state/local party members.
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What are delegates?
a person sent or authorized to represent others, in particular an elected representative sent to a conference.
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What are Super-delegates? Democrats
unpledged delegate to the Democratic National Convention who is seated automatically and chooses for themselves for whom they vote. These Democratic Party superdelegates (who make up just under 15% of all convention delegates) include elected officia
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What are Super-delegates? Republicans.
not involved in the Republican Party nomination process.There are delegates to the Republican National Convention who are seated automatically, but they are limited to three per state, consisting of the state chairsperson and two district-level commi
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What are Republican Super-delegates obliged to do?
are obliged to vote for their state's popular vote winner under the rules of the party branch to which they belong
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What was the term delegate? and what has it become?
coined and created to describe a type of Democratic delegate,describes both now.even though it is not an official term used by either party.
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When are state/local party members invited? & How're they chosen?
State party chooses and invites them, 18 months prior.
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What does the media do?
Bounce Support.
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How are the NPC financed?
Federal grants, state grants and 'in-kind payment' aka Business contributions
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What are Federal Grants?
Economic aid issued by US gov out of general federal.
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Why do states give millions of $ to NPC?
Because their local economy will benefit from the npc holding convention and also trade.
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What are in-kind payments?
Monitored by FEC. Promote the local area. Off Businesses (often Large Contributions). Republicans associate with Business.
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What is Fec?
Federal Election Commission.Purpose is to enforce campaign finance law in United States federal elections.
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What are the official and traditional functions of the NPC?
1) Chose president and VP, through a roll-call. 2) Decide the party Platform
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When was the last time the VP was decided?
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When is the VP announced?
Prior to the election
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When were the 2016 VP announced?
Hilary Clinton announced Tim Kaine of the 23rd July (2 days before). Trump announced Mike Pence 15th July (also 2 days)
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When is the president announced?
Last or 2nd to last day
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What is a roll-call?
Where each state announces their total of delegates, even though the results are already known in primary and caucuses.
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What is the party platform similar to?
British Manifesto.
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What is the party platform?
Document stating policies the candidate wishes to pursue if elected.
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What does the NPC see now because of primary and caucuses?
Formal deceleration of results and candidates.
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Why are the more modern role post the 1968 McGovern-Fraser reforms?
1) Party Unity 2) Appealing Party image for advertisement to voters? 3) Party faithfulness, getting candidates
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What is displaying party unity?
When defeated opponents in primary season or members from different wings of the party, endorse the vcictor, uniting against the opposite party for the fourthcoming elections.
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What does Party Unity show?
Strength. Not fragmented. Fragmented party=dangerous.
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Party Unity 1992
All candidates endorsed Bill Clinton (Dem) EXCEPT JERRY BROWN. Further, supported by popular figure left wing Mario Cuomo.
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Party Unity 2000
John McCain who was defeated by Bush Jnr for the Republican nomination full endorsed, despite bitterness in the primaries and caucuses.
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Party Unity 2004
Again John McCain supported Bush Jnr. Despite his friendship with John Kerry, rumored to offer senior cabinet post.
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Party Unity 2008
Hilary Clinton (and Bill) endorsed Obama despite brutal primaries. "PROUD SUPPORTER OF BARACK OBAMA"
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Party Unity 2012
Gringrich&Santorum supported Romney despite defeat. Furthermore, Bill endorsed Obama again with a speech bringing delegates to their feet.
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Party Unity 2016
Ted Cruz eventually after refusal at NPC endorsed, despite bitterness 'lying Cruz' at primaries, stating "Trump is the only thing standing in Hilary's way". Obama for Hilary and Bernie Sanders
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What is "love-in"?
Endorsing a candidate.
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What happens to those who do not co-operate?
Become victims of stage management.
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1992 Jerry Brown (did not endorse Bill Clinton) WHAT HAPPENED?
He was given an afternoon speaking slot at the Democrat National Party Convention but the cameras were turned off.
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Still trying to convince Jimmy Carter Democrat delegates to change their vote.
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Who did Ron Paul refuse to endorse and when?
John McCain 2008
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Who refused to endorse Trump 2016?
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what do parties project at NPC and what are they for advertising in terms of media?
Projecting an appealing party image and free advertising to sell the candidates to the voters.
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What covers the conventions?
5 major networks
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What is C-SPAN?
Congressional media span covers the entirety
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How many journalists at the 1996 Republican San Diego Conference?
15,000. Out numbering delegates 1:7.
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How many at the Republican conference 2016?
15,000 and 2,473 delegates
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What do recent trends show about coverage?Why?
That there is less live coverage of the conventions as the major networks tend to cover the conventions in there morning and evening news bulletins. Loss of drama at conventions because the results are already known.
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Why is there now at npc?
No serious debate of policies and issues. Great deal of promotion from the candidates about party program, past achievements and candidate qualification. Enthuse party faithful and project the right image to the electorate to gain bounce.
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What is bounce?
Bounce in the polls. Sudden movement in support. Rating before and after npc compared.
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In 2000 what did Republicans attempt to convey, rather than what?
A more inclusive, moderate image rather than its intolerant and some what extremist..
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How did Republicans 2000 attempt to convey this image?
Provided Colin PPowell and Condeleeza Rice (African- Americans, moderate) prominent prime time at the podium. Speaking slots were also porvided to 2 single mothers (Wisconson with Bush Jrs half mexican son)
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Condelezza Rice?
Bushs National secretary adviser and later secretary of state.
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How did the Republicans NPC 2000 bounce in the polls post convention?
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"reporting for duty", much made of his vietnam record
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2004 Kerry NPC post convention bounce?
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2004 Republican NPC constantly emphasized what?
War and Bush as a strong leader
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Who was Bush endorsed by in 2004?
Mayor Rudolph Guiliani (NY MAYOR SEP 11TH)
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2004 REPUBLICAN NPC post convention bounce?
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What was specific about the democrat Delegates at the 2008 NPC?
25% African Americann 5% Asian highest minority
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What was specific about the Delegates at the 2016 NPC?
Half of democrat different ethnicity. 6% IN REPUBLICAN lowest turnout of african american since 1912
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What did Obama do in 2008? What was the bounce?
Obama made a stirring acceptance speech "We're better than the last 8 years" Watched by 40 million. + 4 in polls.
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2008 rnc media surround? McCains speech? What got the bounce?
media comments surrounded Sarah Palins (private life). McCains speech partriotism, heroism, character and trust rather than specific policy. Palins speech appeared to achieve its own bounce wanting a Palin-McCain ticket. Bounce of +6
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Less than inspirational speech. -1 first republican to have negative in the polls.
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What about the bounce?
that the “bounce” is declining every election and arguably this is due to the increase in partisanship in the US. However, according to a 1960 study at the University of Virginia, the “bounce” is only right around half the time.
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Trumps 2016 bounce?
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Hilarys 2016 Bounce?
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Why is academic opinion divided?
prof Sabata (uni of virginia) claims post convention polls show the eventual winner only 50% of the time. Erickson and Wiezon whoever led in the polls 2 weeks after wins the popular vote, happened in last 16 elections.
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Whats the party platform?
Manifesto. Party Policies.
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why isnt the party platform announced at convention?
It is pre-cooked in attempt to avoid conflicts on convention floor
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What is the convention floor?
Debate space.
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What does the platform committee do ? 2008 dem?
Holds hearings around the country in the first 6 months of the election. in 2008 1600 listening sessions where 30,000 people contributed
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What is presented at the NPC?
Draft platform.
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What are "planks"?
May be debated, they're just certain parts.
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What is specific about the draft platform and why?
Vague to prevent heated arguments which the media may use as evidence of a divided party. They also indicate clear differences between parties, eg republican prolife democrat prochoice.
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Why does the platform play little part in Nov Elections?
Candidates emphasize their own themes and ignore embarrassing elements. BUSH+DOLE RADICAL RIGHT WING.
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What happened in 1992 behind the scenes?
Much work behind the scenes to persuade pro-choice Republican delegates not to force a floor debate and fight over the platform abortion ban commitment.
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What are the circumstances in which a convention may chose the candidate?
If the primary season produces no overall majority of delegates for once candidates, then delegates are free from their commitment to a candidate (through p+c) and can vote for which ever candidate tjeu prefer.
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When has this last happened?
Has not happened since the 1968 reforms remains a possiblity if several candidates make it rhough the primary and caucus season, tight race.
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When did it almost happen?
1978. Gerald ford just defeated Ronald Reagen with an overall majority in the republican nomination battle.Ford defeated Reagan by 1,187 to 1070. Had 60 delegates switched support to Reagan, he would have won
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When was the dem nom decided in 2008?
Not till June.
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Why if the situation arises its unpredictable?
Because candidates who did not enter primaries and caucuses are allowed to enter the race. Hence it is customary for delegates of a losing candidate in a primary to pledge themselves to the winner in order to avoid this (DEMS USE PR)
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Third party conventions?
Not much media attention only on C-span but held before the two major parties conventions.
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How to win NPC?
To win a presidential nomination, a candidate must win an absolute majority of delegate votes
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Democratic Delegates (2016) 4,763 (2,382 votes needed
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Republican Delegates (2016) 2,472 (1,237 votes needed)
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