Biology - DNA

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which gene fits with T?
A fits with T
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Which letter fits with G?
C fits with G
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A-T and G-C are______
Complementary base pairs
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what does A stand for?
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What does T stand for?
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What does G stand for
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What does C stand for?
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What is DNA described as?
A double helix.
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What are chromosomes?
Chromosomes are threadlike structures composed of genes.
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What do chromosomes contain?
Chromosomes contain DNA.
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what does DNA stand for?
Deoxyribonucleic Acid.
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What is a gene?
A gene is a section of DNA.
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Chromosomes are not a what?
Chromosomes are not chemicles.
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How many chromosomes does the cell nucleus contain?
23 chromasomes.
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What two substances is the backbone of DNA made up of?
A phosphate group? and deoxyribose sugar.
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What are the bases in DNA?
A-T and G-C.
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what connects the bases in DNA?
A weak hydrogen bond.
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What sub-unit is DNA made up of?
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Explain how the base sequence determines the structure of a protein.
mRNA (a messenger) carries a copy of DNA (genetic code) from the nucleus to the ribosomes. The ribosomes then translate this code into proteins.
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Which letter fits with G?


C fits with G

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A-T and G-C are______


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what does A stand for?


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What does T stand for?


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