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2. Who came up with the Maturational Approach?

  • Skinner
  • Gesell
  • Watson
  • Pavlov

3. What is the last stage of Moral Development?

  • Preconventional
  • Postconventional
  • Conventional

4. What is the correct order?

  • Cooing, Babbling, Holophrases and Telegraphic Speech
  • Telegraphic Speech, Cooing, Babbling and Holophrases
  • Babbling, Cooing, Holophrases and Telegraphic Speech
  • Holophrases, Cooing, Babbling and Telegraphic Speech

5. Maturation is...

  • All of the above
  • Universal
  • Sequential
  • Impervious to environmental influence


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