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1. What effect do Przeworski et al find low economic development, a presidential exec and military authoritarian past have on consolidation?

  • all make consolidation less likely but have no effect on reversals to authoritarianism
  • all make democratic consolidation less likely and encourage reversals to authoritarianism
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2. Who says that natural resources and womens' role in Muslim societies are the main obstacles to democratization there?

  • Rabbit
  • Zebra
  • Fish
  • Dog

3. How many wars have been fought between non-democracies and non-democracies between 1816 and 1991?

  • 164
  • 112
  • 198
  • 155

4. What does the duration of democratic survival depend on?

  • whether they came from revolution (movements become parties)
  • history of military dictatorship

5. Why is Linz' example of Allende's exacerbation of social conflict in Chile undermined?

  • presidents before Allende 'actually bolstered centrist, moderating tendencies'
  • it is presented in a partisan way


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