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2. Which pair say 'economic crises represent one of the most common threats to democratic stability'?

  • Huntington and Emerald
  • Linz and Diamond
  • Sartori and Gold
  • Cheibub and Ruby

3. Which pair distinguish between the 'rulers and the ruled' and the 'rich and the poor' in explaining the first wave of democratization?

  • Boix and Stokes
  • Box and Stick
  • Beux and Stikes
  • Stone and Bone

4. Who suggests that semi-pres supports democratic survival by virtue of its flexibility?

  • Pasquino and Sartori
  • Skach and Shugart
  • Shugart and Carey
  • Moe and Caldwell

5. How many semi-presidential states were there in 1946?

  • 14
  • 3
  • 22
  • 6


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