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2. What is the curse of natural resources?

  • people can be continually bought off and economic development stagnates since there is no need to improve efficiency
  • oil rich countries can be exploited by the west

3. Which country is a good example of feckless pluralism due to many multiparty elections, frequent alternation of power since 1990 yet high public disaffection and little real sense of democratic accountability?

  • Nicaragua
  • Nepal
  • Nigeria

4. Who says 'abuse of power is hardly a presidential monopoly'?

  • Dahl
  • Sartori
  • Horowitz
  • Elgie

5. Who distinguishes between democratic survival due to consolidation and democratic survival due to favourable circumstances? (disease analogy)

  • O'Donnell
  • Svolik
  • Huntington
  • Skach


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