Civic Culture and Social Capital

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1. Which of these models do Almond and Verba associate with the civic culture?

  • complete Participant
  • Subject/participant
  • Parochial/participant
  • Subject/parochial
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2. Who finds that the middle classes have twice as many associations as the working class, but they do not last as long?

  • Brehm and Rahn
  • Putnam
  • Hall
  • Paxton

3. What can citizens not have in the civic culture?

  • political orientation
  • political participation
  • compete loyalty
  • free speech

4. Why is the USA not an example of the civic culture?

  • it has a 'strain of immobility which often pervades the American political process'
  • the electorate is too religious
  • the separation of powers is too polarizing
  • the electorate is too partisan

5. Who made the distinction between bridging and bonding?

  • Putnam
  • Hall
  • Coleman
  • Paxton


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