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A verdict of not guilty
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To represent or support a person or an organisation by writing or speaking or taking action on behalf of that person or organisation
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Someone who supports or represents another person or a cause which they believe in.
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Agenda 21
A comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organisation in every area in which human beings impact on the environment. It's motto is Think globally act locally.
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A state of lawlessness and disorder where there is no government and no laws.
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Anti-Social Behavior Order (ASBO)
A statutory order. A breach of this order can lead to imprisonment
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Arab League
Formed in 1945 for the purpose of securing Arab unity. Today, the League has 22 members
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The hearing and determination of a dispute by an impartial referee agreed to by both parties
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Asylum Seeker
A foreigner who wishes to live in Britain because they have been abused in their own country
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The right to influence, control or direct the action of other people
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Actions or events organised by an individual or a group of people to achieve an aim
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Is the control of information and idea circulated within a society.
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Local, national or international organisation to help others in need, for example Children In Need
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A document that bestows certain rights on the people or country
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Child Safety Orders
Only apply to children under 10 years of age. Under a Child Saftey Order a social worker or officer from the youth offending team (YTO) supervise the child.
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Civil liberties
Freedoms that protect the individual by setting limits for government interference in the lives of its citizens.
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Collective bargaining
An agreement negotiated by a union on behalf of its members about an issue, for example, salaries
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A special group set up to consider some matter of importance.
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Common law
The law based on decision made by judges over the years.
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State controls the economy, media, police ownership of property and businesses
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the people living in an area, or place. or the people who work in a particular place, for example, the school community
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Community cohesion
Enabling people within an area to have shared values and understanding and a sense of belonging, by providing good facilities and the same opportunities for all
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A community group
A group of people who meet together to follow a shared interest (for example, a craft, a sports team) or to influence a decision or campaign for a change
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A concept is a collection of idea about a particular thing or attitude
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A dispute: a disagreement or argument about something important
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Constitutional monarchy
A democracy where a monarch is the head of state but the government is responsible for running the country.
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Name given to an international agreement
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The verdict that results when a court of law finds defendant guilty of a crime.
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Criminal responsibility
When a youngue person is held responsible for his/her own behavior and can be found guilty in a court
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A system of goverment of the people of a country, by those people electing representative to make laws and decisions
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Democratic process
The actual process of electing the people's representatives
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The theory justifies a punishment in order to discourage the offender and other people from committing the particular offence or other offences.
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This is the transfer of some powers from the government to the welsh Assembly, the northern Ireland Assembly and the Scottish Parliament.
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Ruled by one leader
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Treating someone unfairly because they are different in some way because they are different in some way because of their gender,sexuality,age,religion,disability or ethnicity
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Removing a person's right to vote
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Disposable income
Money we have left to spend when all direct taxes have been taken from earning
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The people eligible to vote in an area
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A right given to an individual by law
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Equal opportunities
Treating everyone with the some rights giving the same chances to all.
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A term used to describe the actions of individuals or groups outside the political center of a society
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Flying pickets
Pickets transported from one region to another
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Freedom of assembly
Used in the context of the right to protest
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Freedom of of association
The individual right to join with other individuals to collectively pursue and defend common interests.
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Freedom of the press
Allows the press to publish thoughts, beliefs or opinions without interference from the government
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General election
An election where the country elects a new government
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The process by which the world ha become interconnected as a result of increased trade and cultural exchange.
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Global village
A term for describing the world where people are considering to live without borders/boundaries
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Global warming
The increase in average temperature of the atmosphere, oceans and landmasses of the earth
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Host nation
The country the migrants live in
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A person born in a foregn country who wishes to live and work in Britain for a short time or permanently
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The process of people moving into this country to live and work.
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Being included - not left out
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A citizen naturally belonging to that country
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A measure of the amount of increase in prices; a comparison of annual and quarterly costs
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Insider group
This is a pressure group that the government recognises and consults when forming policies associated with their cause .
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The Palestinian uprising (meaning 'shaking off' in Arabic) which began in 1987 against Israeli military occupation and continued until the peace process began in 1993.
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A term used to refer to fairness though this is usually related to the administration of law within society
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The parliament of Israel
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A theory where terms or labels applied to a person or group may influence their behavior.
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Means founded upon law or accepted rules
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A non-governmental organisation protecting civil liberties and promoting human rights.
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A person or group of people meeting and trying to persuade a political to take up their case.
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A list of policies that a political party would introduce if elected.
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Mass media
A term used to denote a section of the media designed to reach a very large audience.
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An intervention conducted by some impartial party for the purpose of bringing about a settlement to dispute
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Referring to the mass media - television or radio broadcasts or printed media as in newspapers and magazines or mass communication via the internet.
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The movement of people between different countries
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A miscarriage of justice
When a person is convicted or punishment for a crime that he or she did not commit
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A mixture of different races, with many cultures and much ethnic diversity within a country/region/city/town/locality.
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A large corporation or company with offices and/or factories in several countries.
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The process of achieving agreement through discussion.
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Occupies Territories
The West bank, Gaza ***** and East Jerusalem, which were taken over by Israel military occupation in the six day war of 1967
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Rules by a small group of people
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A person in a government agency to whom people can go to make complaints
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Opinion poll
A survey of public opinion using a sample of the total adult population to show how people think.
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Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)
An umbrella organisation founded in 1964 to represent the different Palestinian resistance groups. The larger, Fatah, was led by Yasser Arafat
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Taking part - the act of sharing something in common with others
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People who stand outside a place of work trying to persuade workers not to enter.
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Different beliefs/faiths/cultures existing within society.
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Political Literacy
Knowledge of politics and how democracy works.
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Is the means by which groups make decision
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When a person forms a bias opinion or belief that is not based on personal experience.
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Pressure group
A group pf people who take action to try to influence the government (local or national) about a specific issue.
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Primary commodity
A commodity in its raw or unprocessed state like wood or oil
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Specially created information that aims to make people think in a certain way.
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Proportional representation
A system of electing people that reflects the wishes of the voters
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Public opinion
The belief help by the majority of adults - the popular view
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A dislike or hostility towards a particular race, or believing one race is better than another
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Appointed by a body like the United Nation to investigate an issue or a situation and report back to that body
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The theory that the sentence is intended to reform the offender's behavior
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A vote on a single issue
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Aims to make some compensation to society, the victim and/or the victims relatives.
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The theory that the offender deserves punishment
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A right is something that we are entitled to by law, sometimes also referred to as an entitlement or a freedom.
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Scab and Blackleg
A worker who will not take part in a strike -continues working when others are in strike (Terms used frequently during the strike.)
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Secretary General
The chief administrator of the United Nation
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Someone who moves to new land to settle. Almost 300,000 Jews have settled in the occupied territories of Palestine since 1967
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A way of presenting information in a attempt o control the public's response
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Social exclusion
Being unable to access the things in life life that most of society takes for granted, such as decent housing adequate information and support, and the ability to exercise basic rights.
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Statue law
The law made by parliament
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A generalised view about a type of person or group of people
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The right to vote
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Means beyond the borders or scope of any one nation especially through organisation that encompass more than one nation.
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A system where natural resources are used and replaced so that they are not depleted
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Sustainable development
Means understanding the need to maintain and improve the quality of life now without damaging the planet for future generation.
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Target group
A target group is the organisation that the action is aimed at.
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Trade Union
A trade union is a group of workers in the same trade or profession who join together to protect their rights and pursue common interest.
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The State rules every aspect of life, the economy, media, values in society
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This is a percentage figure. It means the number of people who actually cast a vote as a percentage of all those on the electoral register.
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United Nation
An international organisation that aims to facilitate cooperation throughout the world.
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A voulntary group
A group of people who work without pay to provide a service for others, for example, St John's Ambulance.
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Voluntary organisation
Organisation involved in activities in community. Their management committee and members are volunteers.
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Activities such as community service, charity public service, community action, community involvement, trustee, member and helper. It means giving your time unpaid.
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Voter apathy
A significant number of the electorate deciding not to vote.
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A positive state of mind, brought by the simultaneous satisfaction of personal, organisational, and collective needs of individuals and communities
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The youth justice system
The section of the criminal justice system that deals with young offenders.
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A person who believes that Jews have the right to a nation state. Most of the political parties in Israel are Zionist.
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To represent or support a person or an organisation by writing or speaking or taking action on behalf of that person or organisation



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Someone who supports or represents another person or a cause which they believe in.


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A comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organisation in every area in which human beings impact on the environment. It's motto is Think globally act locally.


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A state of lawlessness and disorder where there is no government and no laws.


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