Christchurch Rockfall

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Where in Christchurch?
Port Hills, between Christchurch and Lyttleton
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What type of hazard?
Secondary hazard
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When did the EQ (primary hazard) occur?
22nd February 2011 at 12.51pm
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Where was the epicentre?
5km SE of Christchurch
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What was the magnitude of the EQ?
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Rocks fell from the steep basalt source area on an eroded extinct volcano
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How many rockfalls occurred
170 within 30km of the epicentre
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How many were killed?
5, 3 in the Sumner-Redcliffs area and 2 walking in the hills.
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Several hundred homes evacuated, substantial damage to properties, homes and infrastructure
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Castle Rock
popular tourist attraction - was loosened and became unsafe - negative effect on tourism
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Environmental damage
cliffs and parkland marked by impact craters
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Modify the event
Rockfall retaining fences, appropriate because MEDC government can afford to maintain, but if an EQ occurs, they may be crippled by the primary hazard so ineffectual for secondary hazard
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Modify the vulnerability
Rocks detached in managed conditions to understand how high they bounce, rotation & angular momentum to build a fence high enough.
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How was GPS used?
To track blocks and form trajectories. The GNS have formed zones where rockfalls are most likely.
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Risk assessment
Rockfall risk assessment led to land use planning, not allowing construction in areas of high risk.
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What type of hazard?


Secondary hazard

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When did the EQ (primary hazard) occur?


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Where was the epicentre?


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What was the magnitude of the EQ?


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