Lyttleton Earthquake

Causes, social, economic and environmental impacts and responses. Check the Darfield earthquake as this is the aftershock

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Lyttleton Aftershock Case Study
Type of hazard Earthquake
Plate Boundary Part collisional part conservative IndoAustralian and
Pacific Plates
Date of event 22nd February 2011
Location Christchurch, New Zealand
Economic development MEDC
Causes 6.3 magnitude
Very shallow focus of just 5 km
Epicentre 5 miles SW of Christchurch
Social Impacts 181 killed
2000 injured
Schools had to share classrooms due to the damage to
other buildings
Economic Impacts CBD partially destroyed, 50+%, including Canterbury
Television Centre and the Spire of Christchurch Cathedral
Christchurch could no longer host the Rugby World Cup so
lost tourists
Environmental Impacts Rock falls
Extensive liquefaction in the eastern suburbs
Part of the country's longest glacier broke off creating a
large iceberg
Response Short Term
Chemical toilets were provided for 30,000 residents
Areas were colour coded to classify damage/cost of repairs
$67 million in aid and aid workers
Long Term
$898 million in building claims
Temporary housing was provided and damaged housing
was kept water tight
By August 80% of roads and 50% of footpaths were
Other Far greater impacts than the major 7.1 Darfield earthquake
­ shallower focus, much closer to Christchurch which has
a higher population density, structures possibly weakened

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