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Geography Case
Earthquakes…read more

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Boxing Day Tsunami
26th December 2004…read more

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Location and Hazard
· Indian Ocean · Tsunami was triggered as the
seafloor was displaced 20m
· Epicentre 160km from the
Indonesian coast · The wave travelled at speeds of
· 20km focus · Out at sea is had a height of 1m
and this increased to 20m when
· 9.1 on the Richter Scale approaching land
· Tremors for 5 minutes…read more

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Social Impacts
The earthquake caused
In Sumatra alone, 500,000 damage, with all buildings
people were displaced over 3 storeys high collapsing
in Banda Aceh
Illness as there was little Psychological trauma ­ unable
access to clean drinking water to bury all the dead and this
­ e.g. cholera went against local customs…read more

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Environmental Impacts
Erosion ­ every 1.5m of In the Maldives, 17 coral reefs
coastline was exposed to were damaged and will be
100,000 tonnes of water uninhabitable for decades
Loss of habitat in Sri Lanka ­ on
one east coast beach, only 400 Farmlands inland were polluted
out of 20,000 sea turtle by the influx of saltwater
hatcheries survived…read more

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Demographic Impacts
Tourists among the
230,000 people died dead, including 540 Children were orphaned
45,500 more women
1/3 of the dead were than men were killed ­
children who drowned they were waiting on the
beaches…read more

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