Characteristics of Organisms, Levels Of Organisation and Cells

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1. Plant and animal cells both have

  • Nucleus, Cytoplasm, Cell membrane
  • cell wall, nucleus, cell membrane
  • cytoplasm, chloroplasts, permanent vacuole
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2. ... allows phagocyte to squeeze out of capillaries

  • Lobed nucleus
  • flexible cell membrane

3. lignin in the xylem make...

  • the xylem waterproof and weak
  • the xylem strong and waterproof
  • the xylem porous and strong

4. the smallest structures found in organisms

  • organelles
  • tissue
  • organs
  • cells

5. which makes a red blood cell allow rapid diffusion of oxygen

  • Biconcave disc
  • haemoglobin
  • no nucleus


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