Chapter 5 - IT CISI


1. Why was the LEI standard created?

  • To understand and monitor IT risk
  • To understand and monitor credit risk
  • To understand and monitor systematic risk
  • To understand and monitor market risk
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2. What are Transaction Reports used for by the FCA?

  • To identify credit risk
  • To identify market abuse
  • To identify market risk
  • To identify compliance breach

3. If a security is trades on exchanges in 6 different countries, how many SEDOL codes would it have?

  • 6
  • 2
  • 4
  • 1

4. What date does interest cease to become payable and capital is returned?

  • Maturity date of the bond
  • Settlement date of the bond
  • Value date of the bond
  • Coupon date of the bond

5. What is the confirmation process when the sell-side firm is dealing with a MARKET COUNTERPARTY?

  • Mutual exchange of confirmation or matching engine
  • trade confirmation (retail client responds if there's a problem)
  • Mutual exchange of confirmations


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