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1. what did the handing of a white feather signify?

  • that the woman wanted to marry the man.
  • that the woman thought the man was attractive.
  • that the woman thought a man was a coward for not fighting in the war no matter what the reason.
  • that the woman wanted the mans job.
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2. what was the suffragists reaction to Asquith's backtrack on the conciliation bill?

  • they supported the labour party instead of liberals.
  • they quit the Suffragists and joined the Suffragettes.
  • they supported the conservative party instead of liberals.
  • they killed Asquith.

3. when did Lloyd George become prime minister?

  • January 1913
  • December 1916
  • May 1914
  • November 1915

4. when was compulsory rationing introduced?

  • 1918
  • 1915
  • 1917
  • 1916

5. What was Charles Booth's occupation, which was the reason he was taken seriously?

  • Prime Minister
  • successful businessman
  • policitcal advisor
  • teacher


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