Bloody Sunday

1. After this a trial was held only 10 weeks later. What story did the troops maintain?

  • They were shot at first
  • They were only obeying orders
  • They were at fault
  • the dead men were all IRA activists who were shooting aimlessly at the crowd
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2. What year was Northern Ireland established?

  • 1932
  • 1922
  • 1921
  • 1920

3. The 1960s movement for inequalities was against the Catholic versus Protestant violence. In January of 1969, Catholic organised marchers were attacked by protestants, but were?

  • The Derry march
  • Battle of Burnthall at Bridge
  • Battle of Bogside
  • The Bogside march

4. After this the Widgery tribunal recieved over 700 witnesses but only a few were listened to, how many?

  • 72 including doctors priests etc
  • 117 including doctors priests etc
  • 300 including doctors priests etc
  • 164 including doctors priests etc

5. Who mainly made up the attackers at the battle of Burnthall at Bridge, making the Catholics feel very unsafe?

  • Off-duty police officers
  • The first battalion of the parachute regiment
  • Radical youth
  • The IRA


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