Bloody Sunday

1. It is thought that around 15000 marchers would march in 1972 on Bloody Sunday. But where we they to march to?

  • Catholic controlled areas
  • Dublin
  • The Derry town centre
  • Protestant controlled areas
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2. What event might be described as the start of a violent cycle?

  • The Derry March
  • The Battle of Burnthall at Bridge
  • The Battle of Bogside
  • the 1960s Civil rights movement

3. After this a trial was held only 10 weeks later. What story did the troops maintain?

  • They were at fault
  • They were shot at first
  • They were only obeying orders
  • the dead men were all IRA activists who were shooting aimlessly at the crowd

4. The IRA split, many new young and more radical Catholics joined, what did the second group become known as?

  • The Provisional IRA
  • Parachuters
  • Menaces
  • IRA Youth movement

5. After this the Widgery tribunal recieved over 700 witnesses but only a few were listened to, how many?

  • 117 including doctors priests etc
  • 300 including doctors priests etc
  • 72 including doctors priests etc
  • 164 including doctors priests etc


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