Bloody Sunday

1. What event might be described as the start of a violent cycle?

  • The Derry March
  • The Battle of Bogside
  • the 1960s Civil rights movement
  • The Battle of Burnthall at Bridge
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2. Who said this: "Some members of our armed forces acted wrongly, and the government take responsibility for the armed forces"

  • David Cameron
  • Tony Blair
  • A family member of one of the victims
  • Political activists

3. What did many Catholics turn to after feeling unsafe?

  • IRA
  • Britain
  • Murders
  • Marches

4. What was the overall conclusion of the trial?

  • The march was always intended as a mob strike. The troops acted bravely in the situation
  • It was the fault of only Catholic and Protestant mobs.
  • no deaths would have occurred if the march had not taken place. Concluded each soldier had to react individually and quickly if they saw a gunman.
  • The troops did not kill any innocent people.

5. The 1960s movement for inequalities was against the Catholic versus Protestant violence. In January of 1969, Catholic organised marchers were attacked by protestants, but were?

  • Battle of Burnthall at Bridge
  • The Bogside march
  • Battle of Bogside
  • The Derry march


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