Bloody Sunday

1. Ireland could not cope with the escalating violence. Many Catholic areas became untouchable for Police. Who did the police turn to?

  • the Provisional IRA
  • The British army
  • the IRA
  • Mobs
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2. What was the overall conclusion of the trial?

  • The march was always intended as a mob strike. The troops acted bravely in the situation
  • It was the fault of only Catholic and Protestant mobs.
  • no deaths would have occurred if the march had not taken place. Concluded each soldier had to react individually and quickly if they saw a gunman.
  • The troops did not kill any innocent people.

3. What happened in 1971?

  • Catholics and Protestant mobs began a war
  • Marches in Derry
  • The policy of Internment was introduced
  • The first battalion of the parachute regiment moved in on barricades

4. What did many Catholics turn to after feeling unsafe?

  • Britain
  • Murders
  • IRA
  • Marches

5. Who said this: "Some members of our armed forces acted wrongly, and the government take responsibility for the armed forces"

  • David Cameron
  • Tony Blair
  • A family member of one of the victims
  • Political activists


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