Bloody Sunday

1. The IRA split, many new young and more radical Catholics joined, what did the second group become known as?

  • The Provisional IRA
  • Parachuters
  • Menaces
  • IRA Youth movement
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2. After this the Widgery tribunal recieved over 700 witnesses but only a few were listened to, how many?

  • 72 including doctors priests etc
  • 117 including doctors priests etc
  • 300 including doctors priests etc
  • 164 including doctors priests etc

3. Who said this: "Some members of our armed forces acted wrongly, and the government take responsibility for the armed forces"

  • Tony Blair
  • A family member of one of the victims
  • David Cameron
  • Political activists

4. The 1 PARA troops were stationed to divert the marchers. What casualties occurred during the march?

  • 13 dead unarmed men, 17 injured
  • 13 dead mean including 1 soldier and 17 injured
  • 13 dead men
  • 17 injured

5. What event might be described as the start of a violent cycle?

  • The Battle of Bogside
  • The Battle of Burnthall at Bridge
  • the 1960s Civil rights movement
  • The Derry March


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