Blood Gases and Haemoglobin - BM5 RCR1

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1. True or false: at equilibrium, the partial pressure of a gas in solution is equal to that of the gaseous form?

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2. Each haemoglobin sub-unit consists of two parts. What are they?

  • Globin chain and cytosine ring
  • Globin chain and porphyrn ring
  • Haemos chain and globos ring
  • Haem chain and globin ring

3. What is the specific mutation for sickle cell disease?

  • Cytosine for Guanine at Codon 5
  • Glycine for Leucine at Codon 3
  • Valine for Glutamine at Codon 6
  • Adenine for Cytosine at Codon 4

4. What are the two main ways in which oxygen is carried around the body?

  • In oxygen tubes called Paratha and dissolved in plasma
  • Dissolved in plasma and bound to haemoglobin
  • Bound to haemoglobin and in oxygen tubes called Paratha
  • In lymphatics and bound to haemoglobin

5. From what week of gestation are embryonic forms of Hb replaced by HbF?

  • Week 14
  • Week 15
  • Week 13
  • Week 12


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