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1. Meristematic tissues…

  • …are composed of cells that divide but attained their mature form
  • …are composed of actively dividing cells and are responsible for the production of cells
  • …are composed of cells that remain undivided and perform pacific functions
  • …are composed of cells actively dividing and are responsible with pacific tasks in plants
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2. Permanent tissues…

  • …are tissues that attained their mature form and perform pacific functions
  • …are tissues that are mild in function but are responsible for the division of cells
  • …are tissues that remain permanent due to lack of division but is active throughout the life of the plant
  • …are tissues that are actively dividing and perform the responsibility of the production of cells

3. What are the three basic cell types of plant tissues?

  • Dermal, Vascular, and Ground tissues
  • Dermal, Vascular, and Nerve tissues
  • Vascular, Permanent, and Dermal tissues
  • Dermal, Ground, and Meristematic tissues

4. Dermal tissues…

  • …are internal tissues that have a layer of sap in the plant
  • …are external tissues that form a protective covering of the plant body
  • …is associated with vascular and cork cambium
  • …have the primary components of xylem and phloem

5. Vascular tissues…

  • …lines the outer wall of epidermal cells
  • …consists of epidermis and periderm
  • …are responsible for the transport of water and nutrients in plants
  • …rounded in shape and have large vacuoles


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