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How do fossils arise?
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Why can bacteria evolve quickly?
Fast division
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What is MRSA?
Multi drug resistant bacteria
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Define phenotype?
Your Characteristics
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Define Homozygous
2 identical copies of the gene
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Define Specification
Development of a new species
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Define Genotype
Your genes
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Define Natural selection
Process by which a species can evolve
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Define Evolution
A gradual change in a species over time
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Define Dominant
It only needs one allele to be present for phenotype
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Define Chromosome
Long molecule of DNA
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Define recessive
2 copies of gene needed
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Define genome
All of the DNA within an organism
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Define allele
Different versions of genes
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Define gene
Section of DNA that controls the characteristics
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Why is the development of antibiotics so slow?
As theres lots of work involved and little incentive for drug companies.
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What things lead to extinction?
Increase in predators/Hunting/Decrease in food/Change in environment
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Define Extinction
A species dies out
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What evidence is there for evolution?
The fossil record
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What are male gametes in plants?
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What sex is xy?
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What sex is **?
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How many pairs of chromosomes are there in a human body cell?
23 pairs
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What is cystic fibrosis?
Build up of mucus in the lungs.
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Is cystic fibrosis dominant or recessive?
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Is polydactyly dominant or recessive?
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What is polydactyly?
Extra fingers or toes.
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Define Hetrozygous
Different copies of the same gene
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Define Gamete
sex cells
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What is the basic structure of DNA?
Double Helix
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What are the female gametes in animals?
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What are the male gametes in animals?
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What are the female gametes in plants?
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How many cells are produced at the end of meiosis?
They are 4 cells produced
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How many cells are produced at the end of mitosis?
There are 2 cells produced.
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Why can bacteria evolve quickly?


Fast division

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What is MRSA?


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Define phenotype?


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Define Homozygous


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