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2. What is a suite

  • A song made for religious purposes
  • Sung by a male choir
  • A collection of dances
  • A song with the structure ABAB

3. what is a oratio/opera

  • aria
  • ostinato
  • purcell
  • da capo

4. name a famous song written by Handel

  • mass for double choir
  • Water music
  • A mandolin concerto
  • Air on a G string

5. Name the instruments which played in a string senction in a Baroque orchestra

  • Violins, violas, cellos, Double Basses
  • Violins, Viola, Bass, celo
  • Violens, violaes, Chellos, Double Basess
  • Violins, Violas, Violincellos, Single Basses


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