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What is Minimalist Music?
Minimalist Music was born in the late 1960's and can be associated with a
group of American composers classified as "minimalists". However, the
origins of Minimalist music can be traced to the `total serialism' music of
Webern whose music was based on the mathematical control of…

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cultural music, particularly jazz.
During the summer of 1970, with the help of a grant from the Institute
for International Education, Reich studied drumming at the Institute for
African Studies at the University of Ghana in Accra. In 1973 and 1974 he
studied Balinese Semar Pegulingan and Gamelan Gambang at…

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Nyman assembled what he would describe as 'the loudest unamplified street band' he could
imagine: rebecs, sackbuts, shawms alongside banjo, bass drum and saxophone. Nyman
kept the Campiello Band together after the play's run had finished, adding his own energetic
pianoplaying to the ensemble. However, a band needs repertoire, and…


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