B3 Ways organisations represent interests of service users

Provide 4 ways SU’s can give feedback in a care setting
Daily conversation, feedback survey, patient group consultations, using the complaints procedure
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Give an example of a complaint’s procedure
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How can SU’s be represented by patient groups and provide an example
Feedback – CCG’s volunteer patients to give feedback to get a clearer understanding of health needs in the area
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Why must organizations have internal complaints procedures?
So SU’s can voice their dissatisfactions so organisations can do better and hold themselves accountable
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What must complaints procedures must-have?
Be formally investigated and dealt with by management, the outcome must be told to the complainant (inspectors read complaints)
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What other way can SU’s be internally represented?
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Provide a criticism for internal complaints?
Some SU's might not know how to make a complaint
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Why might Vulnerable residents not speak out ?
In fear of more abuse or may not be believed
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Why might some complaints be ignored?
poor management
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Why might some staff not whistleblow ?
In fear of victimisation
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How can charities externally represent SU’s ?
Raise profile, funds and challenge misconception
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How might charities represent SU's?
Raise profile (eps. since the government), raise funds and challenge misconceptions
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What’s one-way charities can support SU's ?
Be an advocate and help prevent discrimination
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What are the 6 ways charties can support SU's?
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Whats the first way?
Be an advocate and help prevent discrimination
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What's the 2nd way?
Provide equipment and resources to improve quality of life
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What's the 3rd way?
Provide information and carry out research
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What's the 4th way?
provide emotional support/befriending services
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What's the 5th way?
Represent interest by lobbying government
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What's the 6th way?
Try and change public attitudes and challenge prejudice
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Whats Mencap?
Round the clock care, advocacy, help people live inderpendently for those with learning difficulties
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Whats shelter?
Support homeless eg. raise awareness, legal advice, national campaigns
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What's the NSCPP?
Represent and support children and families from abuse eg. 'speak out and stay safe campaign'
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What's the mental health foundation?
Aim is to prevent mental health issues by influcing government polcies, reasearch etc.
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In what ways did charities act as pressure groups?
Writing to papers, using social media, organising demonstrations, contacting MPS/ local councils
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However, what's the main issue with charities?
They are underfunded (made worse with covid)
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What are they compared with bigger organisations eg. NHS?
Limited in powers and influence
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What do charities have to compete with each other for?
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Whats charity advocacy?
Either provide awareness of advocacy services and help indivduals voice oppurtinties
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Provide examples of charity advocacy?
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What's family/friends advocacy?
A loved one can support, speak on their behalf, attend appointments, offer emotional support and encouragement
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What is self advocacy?
When the SU speak on their own behalf eg, writing questions before an appointment so they get the information they need
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What peer advocacy?
When an individual in a similar situation can use shared experiances to help the SU
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What's statutory advocacy (state)?
Local authorties provide advocacy if they don't have friends or family, difficulty communication or understanding eg. local council providing an advocate
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What's one issue with relying on advocates?
They may not fully undertand the needs of the SU
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Why might advocates misrepresent the SU?
They may make assumptions in their needs
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Explain how an informal advocate be too controlling?
Think about their own needs and not consult the SU
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