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by which month had national petition been prepared?
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which MP was persuaded to present it to parlaiment?
thomas attwood
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how long was it?
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how many signatures?
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what % of those were women?
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what was happening throughout the country whole HoC considered petition?
large public demonstrations
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in attempt to do what?
persuade mps to accept documetn
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what did the home office do in anticipation of these riots?
recruited large no.s special armed constables
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when did HoC finally vote on petition? (d/m/y)
14th july 1839
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how many MPs turned up to vote?
less than half
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what was the verdict?
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by how many to how many votes?
235 to 46
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what happened to NC numbers by august?
dwindled dramatically
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which major group withdrew support?
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due to?
bull ring violence concerns
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what earlier idea did convention consider carrying out?
sacred month and associated strikes
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but overwhelming opposition from where meant proposal rejeced?
trade unions
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when was convention dissolved?
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where were many leaders?
in prison
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over next few months how did the government go on offence against chartism?
arrested several hundred leaders
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what was chartism in danger of?
complete disintergration
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through agitation of 1st petition how did most chartists act?
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save for?
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which election were the whigs defeated in?
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to who?
peel's conservative party
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what was going on in the economy at this time?
severe depression
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what was employment like in '42?
widespread unemployment with several towns mass unemploument
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what was unemployment like in dundee?
1/2 all mechanics and shipbuilders unemployed
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what law hadn't been designed to cope with these conditions?
new poor law
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in many towns what happened with it?
broke down under the strain and erry bummy af
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how many signatures did petition have?
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what fraction of the adult population signed?
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making this?
the largest petition ever laid before parliament
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what happened when got to HoC?
denied a hearing
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by how many to how many?
287 votes to 49
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plug plot riots
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where were there wage reductions?
lshire / yshire cotton towns
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which sparked?
plug plot riots
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what happened in the plug plots?
strikers removed plugs from boilers and brought factories to standstill
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what did the chartists do?
denounce movement
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who in particular?
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in northern star
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what was the nature of this violence in the north?
widespread but short-lived
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what happened with the 1842 harvest?
it was good
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and towards the end of the year trading conditions improved meaning?
unemployment fell
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when was there new life given to the chartist movement?
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downturn in trade led to general depression
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why were many chartists worried by the election?
whigs won
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but comforted by whose election?
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when did the french monarchy fall?
february '48
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which created?
revolutionary activity across europe
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and inspired chartists to?
present third petition to parliament
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when was a mass meeting planned for?
10th april 1848
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kennington common, ldn
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what deterred many from attending on that day though?
rain and force by gov
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how many turned up?
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as opposed to hoped for?
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nevertheless how did the home office prepare for the meeting?
stationing soldiers and enlisting special constables
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how many soldiers?
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across london
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and how many special constables?
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what do surviving photographs of the meeting show?
peaceful respectable nicely dressed gathering
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what group were there ver few of?
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what did police forces prevent demonstrators from doing?
crossing the thames and marching to parliament
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so what did o'connor do?
persuade meeting to disperse while he and some others took taxi there
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how many signatures did he claim?
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how many rlly?
just uder 2m
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whose signatures did he claim to have?
the queen and wellington
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there were also a number of made up names such as?
'no cheese' and 'pugnose'
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what did HoC do?
refuse to consider it
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when were there meetings after april 10th?
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in london with crowd of how many?
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what did men in l/yshire hold?
armed drills
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rumors of possible rising if outbreak violence where?
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which two places was there deployment and high control of police?
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when did chartism appear to have faild?
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what happened to o'connor after april 1838?
never able to regain popularity + mental health began to fail
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when was final convention convened?
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