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1. what bass line do you need to use to harmonise 3223

  • (working backwards)- tonic, dominant, dominant.
  • (working backwards)- tonic, dominant, subdominant, tonic.
  • (working backwards)- tonic, dominant, move down a 3rd.
  • Tonic, dominant, Tonic
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2. what is the alto line for the harmonisation of the soprano line 3221

  • (working backwards)- dominant, 3rd below soprano, move up one to perform back to back dissonance with the soprano and then prepeare the dissonance by repeating the note.
  • (working backwards)- dominant, and then float a 3rd below the soprano.
  • Dominant throughout
  • V- 3rd below soprano- V

3. What chords do you need to use to harmonise the soprano line 121?

  • Ib-V-I
  • IV-V-I
  • I-V7-I
  • I-ii7b-V-I

4. What chords should be used to harmonise 321 and 878?

  • I-V7-I
  • Ic-V-I
  • IV-V-I
  • Ib-V-I

5. what is the chords that need to be used to harmonise the soprano line of 3221

  • Ic-V-I
  • IIb7-V7-I
  • IV-V-I
  • I-V-I


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